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"Whether you eat a Toblerone in Malaysia, Panama or US they are all made in Bern."

Vanessa Miguel

Monday, December 19, 2022

Please introduce yourself

Vanessa Noella Miguel, People Lead in Bern, Switzerland. (Toblerone Plant). I am Swiss German-Brazilian, and live in Lausanne, the french speaking region in Switzerland. I have been active for over 16 years in HR not only at FCMG Companies, but also technology in Latin America. I have studied political science and have a master’s in public administration. I just received my swiss federal HR Certification which I am very happy about!

When did you join MDLZ?

I joined MDLZ recently, celebrating 6 months! 1.06.2022

Tell us about Bern and the plant.

Bern is the capital of Switzerland; thus, our plant is at the heart of our small but wonderful country. The plant is in Bern Brünnen, has more than 200 employees and produces Toblerone for the world.

Vanessa with team in the office

Why do you like working for Toblerone?

At the plant no day is alike, and makes it exciting, as people lead I am close to the business, and its people.

What makes working at the Bern Toblerone plant so unique?

Global Production site. Whether you eat a Toblerone in Malaysia, Panama or US they are all made in Bern.

How would you describe the working environment and people culture at the plant and at MDLZ in general?

Highly multicultural plant, where we have employees from Afghanistan, to Paraguay, and speak all possible languages. We are one family working for an iconic and unique swiss established Brand. Our culture is lived at Toblerone as well true its Leadership Framework where we have People Development, Safety and Care as a Priority.

Vanessa in lab coat with team

Why do you continue to choose MDLZ?

I am HR not only to be close to the people, but also close to the business where I can contribute with my skills and knowledge in achieving the goals of the business, and this is clearly the case at MDLZ. I feel appreciated not only as an HR Professional but also as Vanessa – my leaders care for my well-being, and seek constant feedback.