"To me, Veganuary is a thoughtful movement that contributes to a more sustainable environment.”

Nathan Seath-Mahey

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

What is exciting about your role?

The most exciting part is that I never know what challenges I will encounter each day. During my 18 months in role, I have been fortunate to work on supplying volumes for Easter and Christmas, as well as bringing new launches to market through our project cycles. I can say that particularly contributing towards bringing a concept and plan from idea to market is an exciting part of Supply Planning.

Can you tell me more about how your work is focused on vegan products?

I am the Supply Planner for the Cadbury Plant Bars, responsible for planning production timings and quantities. Ensuring we achieve strong service levels, alongside an optimal inventory level, is key. The launch happened at the back end of 2021, in time for Veganuary 2022. The bars have been enjoyed by consumers during Veganuary ’22 and ’23, as well as throughout the year.

What is your perception of Veganuary and what does it mean to you?

Until working on the Cadbury Plant Bar project, I did not know much about it. During the project, we were working towards a strong launch to hit Veganuary 2022, so naturally, I learned more about what Veganuary stands for and the rationale behind it. I am impressed with the increasing uptake of the Veganuary challenge, seeing both 2021 and 2022 clear over 500,000 participants. To me, Veganuary is a conscious and thoughtful movement that is contributing to a more sustainable environment.

What do you like about working at MDLZ?

I’ve been at MDLZ for four and a half years and I’ve been surrounded by great people in every one of my teams. Having started my time at MDLZ through the apprentice scheme, I have moved from a novice to a knowledgeable member of the Supply Chain function. Throughout my time here, my abilities and opinions have been valued, even though I am relatively early into my career. I enjoy the fast-paced environment of working in our seasonal business, where we are responsible for delivering large volumes for Christmas and Easter. MDLZ is full of strong managers, mentors and leaders, who continue to bring the best out of people.

Nathan Grand Canyon

What learning and capabilities programmes do you find most beneficial at MDLZ?

Internally, our Mondelēz International University (MIU) is a great resource. I have taken important learnings from this hub of information, frameworks and advice. One of our three core values is “Grow Every Day”, which encourages a permanent growth mindset, as well as prioritising people development. For me, the MIU was able to bring this framework to life, helping me with my personal development. The ‘Career Launchpad’ was also of great use to me, for identifying my needs and motivations, creating goals and executing the start of my career plan.

How would you describe MDLZ as a future forward-thinking organisation?

One of the best examples of forward-thinking within MDLZ is Vision 2030. Our Vision is to be the Global Snacking Leader, winning in Chocolate, Biscuits & Baked Snacks. This strategy shared internally and externally, is focused on growth acceleration and portfolio focus. This links to what I described in the previous answer, where a focus on growth mindsets and people development proves the future forward thinking of the organisation.

How would you describe the work culture at Mondelēz International and within your function?

The work culture has been strong throughout my time here. From starting out in 2018, through the Covid remote working period, and now with a hybrid model, the culture has remained people-focused. There are always activities and events available to us, which fall outside of the responsibilities of our working roles. We have had great engagement activities for the whole Bournville site, from summer BBQs to product launch campaigns. As mentioned, the strong people focus naturally forms a big part of our work culture, making it an enjoyable working environment.

What is your favourite brand/product?

Cadbury Eclairs – not to everyone’s taste, but for me it is a clear winner.