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The company’s strong drivers for change across sustainability and wellbeing create a positive environment to continue my career.

Mikaela Cremasco

Monday, September 19, 2022

What attracted you to joining Mondelēz?

To me Mondelēz represents a strong set of company values and principles, in association with being named as one of the largest snacking companies in the world.

I started here at MDLZ in the incredible graduate scientist program and a year later am now very lucky to be a permanent Scientist in the R&D Product Team in Ringwood. My one-year journey at MDLZ has given me the opportunity to gain industry experience straight out of university.

Mondelēz offer an array of areas to grow and develop, with a collaborative, inclusive and flexible work culture. The company’s strong drivers for change across sustainability and wellbeing create a positive environment to continue my career.

What has been the highlight/s (projects) for you at Mondelēz?

A highlight for me is creating and formulating recipes in the Pilot Plant and taking these through to factory trials and then to commissioning. Seeing a product come to life from the developing stage is very exciting.

What do you think people can expect from a career with Mondelēz?

Upon commencing a career with MDLZ, the endless opportunities and knowledgeable colleagues, make for a rich environment to learn and grow in as an individual.

What is unique about working in Research & Development?

Working in the R&D Product team enables me to work in the Pilot Plant during the recipe development stage, experiencing firsthand the chocolate product that will come to life.

During this time, shelf-life studies and sensory testing are also initiated and this ultimately determines the finished technical properties of a product. From this, specifications are created or edited solely by the R&D Team.

As R&D Product work very closely with the formulation of the product, the customer is always at the centre of every decision made. R&D aim to provide the desired customer experience with the most relevant technologies.

R&D are able to focus on the science and build technical skills through the support of technical projects and implementation surrounding chocolate.

What does flexibility mean for you at Mondelēz?

Flexibility at MDLZ allows for a productive and efficient work schedule. The new work from home option paired with office collaboration and lab work, provides for a greater work life balance.

group of people in a production environment

What does career development and learning, mean for you at Mondelēz?

Industry development and learning is very fundamental to me after recently graduating from university, as this initial development and ways of working is the foundation of my career journey. After celebrating one year at MDLZ, I have learnt so much and am excited to see where another few years will lead me.

How would you describe the working culture at Mondelēz?

The Mondelez work culture represents a diverse and inclusive team. The comfortable and positive environment makes it engaging to collaborate and innovate with all colleagues across the business. The company creates many workshops and opportunities to build relationships, which would otherwise be quite hard in such a large international company. Due to this inclusivity within MDLZ, a strong sense of connectedness is achieved.

What does Health & Wellbeing mean for you at Mondelēz?

Health and Wellbeing is continuing to accelerate at a fast pace at Mondelēz. With emphasis and focus on mental health during the pandemic and working from home. The introduction of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pillars builds importance on employee wellbeing and highlights that health comes first.

What advice do you have for someone considering an opportunity with Mondelēz?

My only advice is to definitely take an opportunity presented by MDLZ! Mondelēz cover so many vital areas, not only focusing on sustainability and wellbeing encompassing the future of snacking, but more specifically on each individual employee. The positive and supportive environment allows for a greater growth in career development.