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“With 11 years of experience in varied roles, I can certainly tell you that the “sales bee” has stung me the hardest.”

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

We asked our colleagues in Sales to share their exciting career stories, showcasing how they develop new and innovative experiences for our customers, adding value to everything they do!

Here’s what Kshema had to share…

My day starts with two things that drive me closer to clarity - hot water and a To-Do list before the big juggling act with my remote sales team! 

With 11 years of experience in varied roles, I can certainly tell you that the “sales bee” has stung me the hardest. It has taught me to be more resilient, adaptable, demanding, and experimental. 

I figured - growth, my preferences, and comfort may not co-exist. I have always strived to go for something I am a little uncomfortable with and sure, I have seen breakthroughs or have failed miserably. What’s beautiful is that in the world of sales you get to blend and re-blend that success tip.

Kshema India

I don’t know of milestones, but  I have vivaciously danced around the stadium (like the girl from the Cadbury ad) when we touched the highest growth numbers , when I promoted a couple of my team members, held highest engagement scores or when I got the opportunity to be the innovation lead for the channel. But most dear of them all is all this has come alongside raising my happy and healthy 5-year-old. 

If I flip through my high and low points, I am still hungry for more, as I still have a long way to go. So, all I’ll say is Ladies, sit on the Ferris Wheel and let Sales take you on a memorable adventure. Enjoy!

The act of survival in everyone’s career journey is a story to be told, regardless of gender. So, go out there and make your story and tell us all! #MakeItUniquelyYours

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