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"I think MDLZ's supply chain in China is at the leading level in the industry"

Karlson Li

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Explain (in detail) your role in MSC

As the plant lead of East Suzhou Plant, China, I need to work with my colleagues in the supply chain to ensure that the service level improves and inventory and costs are continuously reduced so that consumers can taste the freshest and tastiest cookies. On a typical day I discuss with our team members how to produce higher quality and more cost competitive products.

I think the most important thing is to focus on the consumer and the customer and meet their needs all the time.

The E2E philosophy is instilled in our daily work. Customer service levels are always at the forefront of our goals. All departments have very clear common goals

What has been the most complex MSC project you worked on?

Participated in the design and installation of the LOFO ( Line of future of OREO) and produced delicious OREO

How have you grown at MDLZ

As a management trainee I mainly worked in factories. I have took various positions such as production supervisor, quality Supervisor, production Manager and worked in different factories. Over the years, I have participated in and led the reconstruction of large organizational structures, participated in and led the construction of new production lines and large-scale projects

Karlson in the office behind a laptop

What have been projects that helped you grow in your role and career?

The journey of IL6S has helped me to have a deeper understanding of the supply chain in theory and practice, and greatly improved my leadership. At the same time by leading some cross-departmental projects such as the PIIC project(Packing Innovation Incubation Center) . So that I have the opportunity to deeply cooperate with sales, marketing, logistics, customer service, R&D and other departments, so that I have a better understanding of the business and clearer how to better support the business

How has working in different functions/countries/sites help you develop professionally and personally?

Facing different cultures and challenges improved my ability to analyze and solve problems and make me more flexible in dealing with things. In this process, I have gained a deeper understanding of principle- and rule-based management

How is your function supporting our sustainability agenda?

The factory I lead will be the first to use 100% green energy and renewable energy, and hopefully some of our technology and methods can be reapply to other factories

How is MDLZ (or your manager) supporting your development?

In my career development, I took on different roles and projects, and helped me build confidence and continue to succeed through coaching and removing obstacles in my daily work

How do you see the future of supply chain at MDLZ

First of all, I think MDLZ's supply chain in China is at the leading level in the industry, and at the same time, with our continuous exploration of digitalization and intelligence. The China supply chain will continue to be at the leading position, and the E2E synchronization and growth mindset of the management team in this process is one of our strengths

Why should someone join MSC?

Want to work with the best people to produce the most delicious products in the world to meet the needs of consumers and customers

What is your favorite MDLZ product (any childhood memories you can share)?

CA! is my favorite product. When my child was very young, every time he got a CA! His eyes light up and he can't wait to put it in his mouth