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8 Years in Argentina before moving to Germany. What an amazing experience

“I learned that 'you' are responsible for your career development. The opportunities are out there but you are responsible to go after them.”

Francisco Carossino

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What are the skills that you developed in MDLZ Argentina that make you successful/thrive in MDLZ Germany.

During my almost 8 years in Argentina I had the opportunity to prepare myself for a regional and project oriented position in a big area as is Central Europe. In my first role as an IBP (Integrated Business Planning) Analyst I learned how a big project is ran, where is worth to focus and in understanding the 'big picture'. In my next two roles DRP: (Distribution Replenishment Planner) and Demand Planner, I gathered Supply Chain basics and learned to deal with Senior Management. After preparing myself with all these hard skills, my first 'People Manager' position came. As part of my Logistics Operation Lead experience I became a very 'people oriented' Manager and I had the opportunity to ran whole country Logistic Operation. From my last experience in Argentina as Customer Service Manager for Southern Cone I would highlight: leading bigger Teams and developing strategic thinking.

How did MDLZ help you advance in your careers?

Every time I was ready for my next career step I was able to find in MDLZ a new opportunity to continue growing. During all these years I had great managers, coaches and mentors. I was in touch with leaders with great interpersonal skills and openness, willing to share their own story and motivate me to write my own one. I learned that 'you' are responsible for your career development. The opportunities are out there but you are responsible to go after them.

Tell us about what it's like to work in Germany

Working in Germany is a 360° challenge that I am facing with lot of joy. To define what this means to me I can split it in 3 streams: personal, cultural and professional. In a personal perspective, moving abroad is leaving your country, your family, and your friends but being open to know new places, new people and living new experiences. Related to the culture as part of the Central Europe Area I am in contact with people of more than 20 countries. This is an incredible enriching experience. Finally, in a professional perspective as every new role there is a lot to learn and I am enjoying that journey.

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Tell us a little bit about you and your career journey so far.

I am a curious and dynamic person that's why after my Engineering studies I decided to get into the FMCG Industry in a top company as is Mondelez. I believe that during my first 2 roles as an IBP Analyst and DRP my curiosity and wish to learn were the key of success to be ready to continue to grow in the company. In my third role, as Chocolates Demand Planner for Southern Cone, I learned how to focus in 'the big picture' and to ran a Senior Management forum. For this experience, my interpersonal skills and my ability to build a working network were indispensable to succeed. It was during this role that I understood that I wanted to have an international career. That is why my next position was as Logistic Lead for Uruguay. The key to success for this role was to understand how important listening rather than talking is and to rely on my team. During my last role in Argentina, as Customer Service Manager for Southern Cone I developed several 'People Manager skills' such as the importance of providing feedback and having powerful development conversations as well as developing strategic thinking.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in getting to where you are now?

During my professional career I have faced many different challenges with increasing responsibility and complexity. I think that the biggest challenge is always the one that is about to come and you have to be prepared, committed and willing to learn something new everyday.