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"Our consumer centric mindset will enable us to deliver the right product in the right way and time."

Ebram Attalla, BTOR Plant Manager

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Explain (in detail) your role in MSC

As Egypt’s Biscuit (BTOR) Plant Manager, I am responsible for overlooking and managing the daily operations of the manufacturing plant, ensuring that production goals are met while maximizing overall plant performance through an effective E2E performance in-line with our IL6S strategy and road map to deliver the right product in the right time.

What makes it exciting?

Working with an exceptional team on daily basis and facing new challenges. Not only to deliver the business needs but also to develop their capabilities. This comes in favor of their personal growth and development; and this is my passion.

How does a typical day look like?

Every day starts with a warm welcome within the team; we review our daily KPIs through the plant daily meetings to analyze our performance, potential issues, and take the needed actions with preventive measures to sustain or improve our performance. Then, the team visit the shopfloor to do GEMBA walks across our lines to coach the core team and to engage into effective discussions/feedbacks.

What has been the most complex MSC project you worked on?

The most exciting yet complicated project that I have worked on is Project Capri in CTOR Plant, Egypt. I worked as a Project Track Lead from 2018 till 2021 to enable the production of Flake Chocolate with the same Irish recipe while resolving the E2E supply chain complexity to UK&I.

How have you grown at MDLZ?

I joined Egypt’s Chocolate (CTOR) in 2013 as a line leader then I started taking various roles within the plant as Planning Specialist, BD Engineer, IL6S Manager, then BD&E Manager. These roles have paved the way for me to shape my experience, enhance my functional knowledge and reach my current role as BTOR Plant Manager.

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What have been projects that helped you grow in your role and career?

IL6S program has helped me to understand the manufacturing supply chain from an E2E point of view while rooting Zero Loss Mindset in everything that we do and in the decisions that we take. Also, leading sourcing and NPD projects have helped me to see our business from the commercial side and to develop my strategic thinking through managing whatever obstacles we face.

How do you deal with workload (flexibility) and how is MDLZ supporting this?

I manage the workload through proper planning of my/my team objectives and priorities. This helps us to have a clear vision on the road map and the deliverables required. Mondelēz supports this through our continuous feedback processes including the pulse/engagement to assess and action plan the required tweaks for improved flexibility.

How has working in different functions/countries/sites help you develop professionally and personally?

On the professional aspect, this has helped me to understand the business in more depth with the associated hurdles and how different roles contribute to the E2E supply chain process. While, on the personal side, it developed my interpersonal skills and built my business acumen.

How is your function supporting our sustainability agenda?

For manufacturing plants, we work on the whole E2E chain to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Starting with a great focus on the use of sustainable materials within our portfolio, investing into our renewable energy sources and production efficiencies which contributes to CO2 emissions reduction, reducing our waste in raw and packaging materials; and optimizing our freight utilizations and network.

How is MDLZ (or your manager) supporting your development

I have been given the opportunity to take several roles to build my career path with continuous feedback to identify my gaps and work on developing them. Also, I was given the confidence to acquire new experiences with direct coaching to become a business leader; which I am keen to replicate with my team.

How do you see the future of supply chain at MDLZ

Digitalized supply chain is the key for the future; where, we will able to have live metrics on every process from the moment consumers want our product till we deliver it to their hand. Also, most importantly, our consumer centric mindset which will enable us to deliver the right product in the right way and time.

Why should someone join MSC?

MSC is a solid foundation that includes multiple functions under one umbrella. It is a great school to learn and experience being the direct contributor to the making of our delicious products.


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