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“Learning and exploring new analytical capabilities and being updated with the latest technologies is what drove me to get into this field.”

Deepali Utture

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What does a typical day for you at TTC look like?

I am a Scientist in the Global Analytical Sciences R&D Center based out of Thane, India. I lead and deliver specific analytical solutions in Chocolate, Refreshment and Cocoa beverage related projects for the AMEA Region. I work to translate scientific ideas into global reference methods. My typical day starts by gearing up with my PPE and lab coat and then going over my To-do list from the previous day. This way I can set up my priorities based on urgent and important tasks. I review the status of the projects that I’m currently working on and I try to finish any pending work if present.

What made you inclined towards this field and what are some niche skills needed for your role?

Learning and exploring new analytical capabilities and being updated with the latest technologies is what drove me to get into this field. At MDLZ, I feel that we play a critical role in bringing the vision to life for all new innovations/renovations/ research and development. Being a good problem solver is a key skill needed to identify root causes of problems and generate high quality analytical technical solutions for enabling critical business decisions at the right time. At MDLZ we learn every day by having full autonomy of our projects, as well as working with others. We also have a very comprehensive learning platform which allows us to enhance our learning and development journey.

What aspect of your job gets you really excited?

As a team player, we must keep learning everyday to understand and fulfil our consumers' needs better. We continuously face different challenges, and need to find ways to deliver “Fit for Purpose” analytical solutions with new and cutting-edge methods at the right time and with the right cost which will drive business growth. This, and the fact that one gets to work with great leaders, mentors and role models is what gets me excited!

What does "magic" mean to you and what's your favourite magic spell (mantra for success)?

Do what’s right! Is my favorite magic spell…😊

Be focused and determined on your short and long-term goals. Learn and grow every day, turn every challenge into a new opportunity with a positive mindset and right attitude which will develop you both personally and professionally.

What has been your most cherished memory of working with MDLZ or the biggest challenge you have overcome?

I started my career as a Retainer in October 2012. At that point my kid was just 8 months old which was the most challenging time for me, as being a nuclear family, we needed to completely depend on a day-care facility for my child. MDLZ as an organisation has always encouraged maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While being a young mother, I never had to compromise on the opportunities to learn and to work with great senior scientists around me. With their guidance and continuous support, I could up-skill and leverage my knowledge which enabled me to grow and develop my scientific rigor leading to a double promotion in March 2015 which till date has been my most cherished memory in MDLZ.


From the time you started working in MDLZ to where you are now, what is the ‘X factor’ that you have developed?

Good problem-solving skills. My work provided me with challenges that required creativity and resourcefulness in proactively identifying and proposing solutions. I have contributed to developing tools like fish bone diagram which will contribute to projects, in transfer to manufacturing support or lead laboratory investigations.

What type of projects have you done to help grow your career?

I am grateful to have been a part of many new product launches (Marvellous Creation, Monster Gems, Dark Milk, Freddo etc.). I have also been involved in delivering New Analytical capability development framework to deliver solutions to plants and R&D, effectively leading projects, lab HSE responsibilities and collaborating with project stakeholders and SMEs.