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"I strongly feel that everyone is invested in me doing well "

“Alice Antunes - research analyst”

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Please introduce yourself

I come from an interdisciplinary background: I’m an economist that previously worked in environmental policy. I just completed my PhD in development economics from the University of Lausanne. Part of my thesis examined the effect of locust plagues on rural livelihoods in the Horn of Africa. Before starting my PhD, I worked at the Climate Investment Funds, a climate change trust fund co-managed by five multilateral development banks. There, I was responsible for tracking forestry and climate change adaptation projects. I am Brazilian and American and have lived in Switzerland for almost ten years.

When did you join MDLZ? And why did you choose to join MDLZ?

I joined Mondelez in March 2023 as the research analyst for grains in oils in the Commodity Risk Management Team. I joined Mondelez because I love snacks and I love snacking. Furthermore, the ethos of Mondelez is one that appealed to me, with a focus on making snacking more mindful, in a company that is focused on both human rights and sustainability. In addition, the feedback I received throughout the entire interview process was that people were happy, and that the work environment was overwhelmingly supportive and productive. This was important to me after spending several years of my life pursuing a PhD in economics in an environment that was mostly isolating. I wanted to be at a company where I could thrive both professionally and personally, and where I could see myself in the long run. Finally, I applied for this specific job because it was exactly the job I was looking for: the combination of statistics and agriculture that would allow me to continue challenging myself in a field I know from an academic and public sector perspective.

What is your role, and what is exciting about it?

I am the research analyst for grains in oils in the Commodity Risk Management Team. My job is to empower the risk managers to make the best decisions when it comes to fluctuations in the commodities markets in an ultimate goal of making products that are accessible to the consumer. I love the fact that I get to track weather patterns and climatological forecasts. Now, whenever people ask me what I think about the weather, I give a much more insightful answer compared to my previous “crazy weather we’re having, right?” answer.

How have you found your first 3 months at MDLZ?

These first three months have been both challenging and very educational. I have had wonderful teachers in my teammates, who are all competent and efficient and endlessly patient with me while I learn how to do my job.

Alice with snacks

Tell us a little bit about your onboarding journey 

The office in Zug is relatively small, so everyone has chipped in when it came to my onboarding. It’s been nice to spend time with different members of my team and understand their roles.

What has been your favourite moment during your onboarding?

I had the privilege to go to Madrid for an MEU procurement workshop. It was really insightful to see the other kinds of jobs there are in Mondelez and to understand the different parts that go into making the cookies and snacks that I grew up with.

How has the MDLZ onboarding plan helped you to settle into your role?

I have greatly appreciated the time and investment my manager and teammates have spent in making sure I understand what is required of me. In addition, the culture of “there is no such thing as a dumb question” has made me feel like I can settle into my new job without fear of judgment. I strongly feel that everyone is invested in me doing well and I am very appreciative of the team environment we have.

Now that you have been working at MDLZ a few months, how would you describe the work culture?

The work culture could be best described as helpful, proactive, and constructive. Mondelez hires competent people and spends a lot of time investing in them to make sure they can do their jobs. It’s apparent to me that everyone is valued and empowered to do well.

Lastly, what is your favourite MDLZ brand?

Sour patch kids! Whenever I visit the US, I stock up on them, because they have the right amount of sour and have the perfect chewy consistency. Luckily, it’s hard to get a hold of them in Switzerland, where I live. Otherwise, I would very likely transform into a sour patch kid myself from the sheer amount I would consume (not that that’s a bad thing). Side note: the blue ones are the best.