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of fields reserved for planting flowers

Sunday, September 01, 2019

As the world’s largest biscuit producer, we're committed to sustainably sourcing the wheat we use in our products. To help farmers improve the methods they use for growing their crops, we created Harmony Wheat.

Working with local organizations, governments and farmers, Harmony Wheat is improving local conditions and setting standards for the way wheat is grown.

Farmers in the Harmony Wheat program:

  • Reserve 3% of their field for planting flowers. This helps promote local ecology through biodiversity and natural pollination.
  • Select resilient wheat varieties, rotate their crops and care for the soil to reduce pesticide use. These efforts have led to a 20% reduction of pesticide use in Harmony fields.

Today, Harmony Wheat works with over 1,700 wheat farmers, 13 millers and 27 cooperatives to produce enough wheat for our Western European biscuits. And by 2022, our objective is to make our entire biscuit portfolio across Europe with Harmony sustainable wheat.


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