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Every 6 months we were rotated into a new function within the overall sales teams. This opened new learning opportunities as we worked in sales both within the Modern Trade and Traditional Trade space.

Monday, May 29, 2023

How did you land a graduate opportunity with us?

I applied for the role online using the Mondelēz International website. The application process was really efficient and quite intuitive. I remember feeling so nervous and excited at the same time during the application. One of the tasks during the application process was to submit a presentation detailing the instore execution and performance of various stores. This task is something I think about quite often, reflecting on the knowledge I have gained throughout the years and how important that task was to understand some of the fundamentals within MDLZ. Once I submitted my application, I was invited for an interview and thereafter I was offered the role.

How was your experience in our graduate program?

It was truly an amazing experience being in the Sales Graduate Program. We were challenged to apply ourselves in a variety of scenarios that tested us and allowed us to grow within the company. Every 6 months we were rotated into a new function within the overall sales teams. This opened new learning opportunities as we worked in sales both within the Modern Trade and Traditional Trade space. This really opened my eyes to see the commonalities and the unique differences that are faced within these markets. We also gained experience in the CP&A teams, understanding how the campaigns come to life instore and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Thus, using this knowledge and understanding the nuances within each sector really broaden my experience at MDLZ.

What characteristics do you think an ideal MDLZ graduate program applicant should have?

I feel each candidate can bring a variety of different characteristics to MDLZ. It is such a diverse place with people that have strengths in various different sectors. This alone stands us apart from the rest. Therefore, I do feel that having an understanding of how your own personal strengths and weaknesses is very important. However, I think the main characteristic that should be prevalent within all applicants is their "willingness to participate." This characteristic exemplifies how you are willing to learn and step out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself and grow within MDLZ.

You were recently promoted, what do you attribute that to?

The willingness to participate and try is something, I really aim embody. I have always been someone who wants to succeed, and I am quite competitive even with myself. I challenge myself to take on stretch projects to gain new experiences and knowledge within MDLZ. I think this really assisted in the promotion as I was developing my skills and attributes for the position even before I had applied.

How was your transition from Sales to Brand Management?

The transition has been somewhat challenging and very rewarding thus far. There have been times where I needed to take a step back and utilise my sales knowledge to assist in certain situations. However, there are certain times where I just need to soak up all the knowledge and learn from those more experienced than I am. Having said that, I do feel very supported by my team and those around me. There has been an abundant amount of help and willingness to assist in every situation. I am very grateful for that!

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not at work?

I absolutely love sports, whether its watching sports on the TV, playing soccer outside or beating my Fiancé in FIFA on the PlayStation. I am a HUGE Manchester United fan, so I watch every single game of theirs no matter what! I am really excited for the Rugby World Cup and cannot wait to see the Springboks lift the trophy in France. I also really enjoy hiking in winter, even though its cold outside it's a nice way to get some good fresh air and see nature during these hikes. Lastly, I am a huge foodie, so my Fiancé and I are often trying out new restaurants and tasting cuisines from all over the world. 

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