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Read about working at our plant manufacturing team's success in Egypt and how we integrated Six Sigma into our process.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Read about working at our plant manufacturing team’s success in Egypt and how we integrated Six Sigma into our process.

Our plant manufacturing team in Egypt have always had ambitious dreams to ensure streamlined processes, aligned customer requirements and ultimately to have service excellence. This – and our engrained sense of ownership – permeates in all our activity, from equipment, processes and systems right through to each individual in the team.

Integrated Lean 6 Sigma

That dream became a reality when our team enabled a lean and agile supply chain, validated by successful integration of the Lean Six Sigma model. We continue to drive zero loss state with no barriers to grow and more importantly no barriers between managers and core teams, because of our aligned and united ambition.

That success has grown when we passed our IL6S (Integrated Lead Six Sigma) Phase 2 assessment as the 1st chocolate plant in the AMEA region. Not satisfied with just that, we were also the 1st Wave 2 site to reach IL6S Phase 3 with an outstanding score of 83%. That success is drawn from shared leadership, timely decision-making and capable teams who lead the change programs and improvements on the ground, both with customers and suppliers alike.

The assessors who awarded our Tenth of Ramadan plant this great accolade described our environment as being rich in capability, culture and passion, and were impressed this key strength and attribution to how the plant has achieved this historic milestone.

Regional Success

Success isn’t only evident in one location in Egypt - Mondelēz Egypt is a regional leader in snacking and we produce snacks for 25+ countries including all those of the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as many in Africa. Employing more than 1000 people, Mondelēz Egypt places a focus on the development and wellbeing of its teams.

However, if it’s chocolate you like then Tenth of Ramadan is the place to be: we’re a hub for the region, producing local and regional power brands and only 45 minutes from Cairo. We also have our biscuits plant here which produces our most loved iconic cookie OREO for the local market and exports to many countries including around the globe as well. Our famous Trident & Clorets gum are produced at our Gum & Candy plant in Borg El Arab which is state of the art facility and recognized 1st globally on GE performance and in Alexandria as the best plant in Safety.

To be part of this growing market and experience the success and achievements for yourself, why not check out the career opportunities available in our supply chain across our 3 manufacturing sites? Just go to our page and see what excites you.

Don’t believe us? See what our employees say about our location and have a read for yourself.

Hala Saeed

“Our workplace is a place of joy – we know that we’re continuously creating excellent moments and we’re supplying customers around the world with their favorite snacks. That joy spills over into our working environment where we see continual success, growth opportunities for us and the company and also a rich balance of fun and professionalism.“