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Meet our Field Sales Team from South Romania - Arges, Olt and Teleorman regions

Field Sales Team – Empowering people to snack right, regardless of the occasion!

Friday, October 20,2023

Our Field Supervisor for Arges, Olt and Teleorman regions in Romania and his team of Field Representatives talk about their roles, career growth and culture, giving us insights into how you too can Make It an Opportunity with Mondelēz!

Mihai Voinoiu, Field Supervisor for Arges, Olt and Teleorman regions

Mihai VoinoiuI have been a part of MDLZ for over 15 years, beginning my journey when the company was still known as Kraft Foods. My background has nothing to do with sales as I was a football player before joining as a sales representative for one of Kraft Foods' distributors in my area. But having this chapter in my life ensured I developed valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, and resilience. After just five months, I took on the position of Local Key Account for Pitesti with the distributor. This exciting opportunity has paved the way for me to embark on my new role as a Field Representative within the company. With a deepened understanding of sales strategies, corporate vision, objectives, and our product portfolio, I was promoted to my current position as the Field Supervisor for Arges, Olt, and Teleorman regions. In this role, I am tasked with leading and guiding a team of 5 dedicated Field Representatives. The entire experience provided me with valuable opportunities to contribute to various changes, both as a reliable colleague and as a capable leader. I firmly believe that Mondelēz is an institution of learning, fostering stability and consistently offering ongoing personal and professional growth.

Our roles require dedication and effort, but they also offer great satisfaction and fulfillment. We are the team responsible for introducing Lila, the beloved cow from Milka, into the store near you! We take pride in meticulously arranging each chocolate in the display, ensuring that you have the opportunity to select the perfect one that matches your mood! We make sure all the 7Days croissants you can think of are available in one place and that all varieties of Bake Rolls are just around the corner!

It is truly gratifying to acknowledge that our committed customers can always rely on finding Mondelēz products in all the stores they frequent. Our products consistently accompany them throughout their day, whether it be for a quick snack, a satisfying breakfast, during special occasions and celebrations, or even during outings in nature.

Sales in the FMCG industry primarily revolves around effective relationship management. Although some sales roles involve substantial business development and acquiring new clients, my position primarily entails managing accounts and providing superior service to my existing clientele.

Certain qualities are inherent in all sales professionals, contributing to their exceptional performance. These qualities include having an outgoing personality, being skilled in organization and multitasking by efficiently managing multiple accounts simultaneously. However, the crucial attribute that distinguishes a successful Mondelēz sales professional is their aptitude for building and nurturing relationships with people, the center of our values.

One of the key challenges we anticipate is effectively meeting the demands of our diverse customer base, which includes national supermarket and hypermarket chains operating across multiple branches throughout the country and each group has their own unique characteristics and traits. Therefore, it is important to ensure customer satisfaction by the end of each of the visits while we successfully achieved the objectives set by the Company.

Nicoleta Cruceru, Field Representative for Olt

Nicoleta CruceruMy professional journey began at the age of 19 as a merchandiser, an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. During my employment, I had the privilege of working closely with a Mondelēz distributor for a period of 4 years. Consequently, when the Field Representative position within the company became available, I was delighted to have been granted the opportunity to participate in the interview process. After more than 15 years, I continue to opt for Mondelēz as the company's values align closely with my own personal principles and beliefs. I have great admiration for the team I am a part of and the products that bring so much joy around me. I am committed to embracing the stability that my position offers while eagerly facing the challenges that come along with it. Even after many years, I am continually motivated by the diverse range of experiences that each day brings. I am grateful for the ongoing opportunities to learn and grow, whether through the guidance of my supervisors or the collaboration with my peers. Mondelēz has not only fostered my personal growth but also my professional career.

Diana Buroaca, Field Representative for Arges

Diana BuroacaPrior to joining Mondelēz, my previous experience was still in sales, although not within the FMCG industry. The decision to transition to Mondelēz was made approximately five years ago, driven by a desire to further my professional growth and contribute to a highly collaborative team environment. I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to a company where the focus lies on valuing people, including ourselves as employees and the customers who choose our products. I am finding great joy in stocking the shelves with a wide range of classic childhood staples in addition to introducing new products that will undoubtedly create lasting nostalgic experiences for future generations. Working with a team that consistently demonstrates support and willingness to assist is an incredibly gratifying experience. Our morning debriefs resemble a warm, familial gathering over a cup of coffee.

Raluca Ion, Field Representative for Arges

Raluca IonI have been a member of the Mondelēz team for five years. My experience in the FMCG industry began as a merchandiser for a prominent brand, during which time I had the opportunity to collaborate with various company representatives in diverse store settings. After dedicating 8 years to that position, I made the choice to pursue personal growth and explore alternative professional pathways. During the interview with Mihai, he provided me with detailed information about the role and its associated challenges. However, I was quite eager because I was already familiar with the products and genuinely appreciated their values. To be honest, I have never encountered any major challenges in my work. I consistently find satisfaction in the unique nature of each day, which brings a sense of excitement. Nevertheless, I am a highly energetic and sociable individual, dedicated to embodying the authentic values of Mondelēz within my workplace.

Gabriel Popescu, Field Representative for Arges

Gabriel PopescuI am one of the recent additions to the team, with approximately one and a half years of experience at Mondelēz. However, I already feel a strong sense of belonging and truly embrace the unity within our team. It is evident that we are all united and working collaboratively towards a common objective, Field Supervisor and Field Representative, moving in sync. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with both distributors and prominent companies, yet nowhere else have I encountered the same profound kinship, comprehension, and confidence as I have within this organization. With over two decades of sales experience, I have encountered numerous challenging and demanding circumstances. However, what truly brings me joy is the sense of collaboration inherent in working as a team, and the satisfaction derived from delivering quality products to those around me. What I want to share is that it is never too late to make a change and to look for the best fitting company and team for you!

Mihaela Orzeanu, Field Representative for Teleorman

I am also one of the newer members of the team, having been with Mondelēz for around one year. However, having accumulated over 15 years of sales expertise, I harbored the strong conviction that Mondelēz presented the ideal opportunity for advancing my professional trajectory. This opportunity has helped me realize the significance of effective communication and cultivating existing professional connections. I also was able to be part of both the distributor and other major companies in my area and that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. Mihai has been the sole supervisor in my professional journey who consistently demonstrated honesty and dedication to providing me with ample guidance to ensure I fully comprehend and embrace the values that underpin my work.