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At Mondelēz International, Christmas lasts all year long!

Meet Maria, our Project Senior Specialist, Product Change, and Adrianna, our Supply Planning Manager, who enjoy Christmas all year long.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Our customers typically start planning Christmas in November and December, however, for those who are part of FMCG environment, the preparation time comes a bit earlier.

Adrianna Malinowska, Supply Planning Manager

Maria Zebrowska, Project Senior Specialist, Product Change

For our Supply Planning teams at Mondelēz, this most wonderful time of the year starts much earlier. Adrianna, can you tell us please when you kicked off the works for the upcoming Christmas?

Adrianna: I think this can be a big surprise for many people and for many consumers, but the first discussion about Winter edition begins roughly a year before the first seasonal packaging is produced.

At the beginning of the project, it is very important to build a timeline that will include all the actions to be performed by many functions, so that we can start the first production on time.

Maria, in what Christmas activities is the Project Management team involved and when does the work start?

Maria: Product Change Management is involved in the projects from the very beginning. We are the ones to form a project team made of cross-functional representatives, including Supply Planning Team, Business Development, Research and Development Team, etc., and organize a kick-off meeting to introduce the project. We are also leading communication on all project matters. We develop timelines, monitor project progress, and confirm the completion of tasks.

And how does the whole process of getting ready for the festive season look like from the Supply Chain perspective?

Adrianna: As a supply planner of given lines, I should be involved from the very beginning of the project. I confirm capacity on the production line, check whether we have other projects open at the same time. I inform the project Team about potential expected closures on the production line that may affect when the first Winter edition production will take place. I contact with our external material suppliers and inform them about future. When the new Winter Artworks are ready, I connect with our material suppliers, so that we receive necessary materials for the first production. As the last step, together with the logistics department, we organize transport to the warehouses in given markets.

Last year, you were also running a Christmas promotion, how do you remember that time? What kind of products we had the opportunity to try?

Adrianna: Yes, I participated in Christmas 2023 edition last year. We produced Oreo 246g format for more than 20 countries. Just before Christmas edition we also worked on Oreo Halloween Slug edition. I also provided components for Advent calendars and various limited edition Christmas co-packing products. For me personally, it is a great pleasure to participate in this type of project because the holiday season itself is magical. I’m glad that thanks to our work, consumers will see the final effect on store shelves and decide to give our Winter edition cookies e.g. in a Christmas package to their relatives.

Oreo Collage Brands

Maria: I joined Mondelez in March’23, so I wasn’t involved in Christmas projects from the beginning. But I did partly work on Oreo Enrobed. I was also able to try some products – for example, Milka Gingerbread – which was so delicious. Also, we can participate in many different initiatives. Last year we had a chance to attend Christmas Day where we were able to prepare our own chocolate and take some pictures in the photo booth. During the Christmas Day, which was organized for families, we could prepare some sweet boxes or decorate gingerbreads. It was lovely!

Christmas is recognized by our customers all over the world as a very special time of the year. Are you also so passionate about it? What are the products that bring you Christmas joy?

Adrianna: It’s often called “the most wonderful time of the year” and I really mean it. The preparation period is very intense, and I feel that there are a lot of things on our shoulders, but the most important thing to me is that I can spend this time with my loved ones, sometimes meeting up after many months of not seeing each other. I enjoy everything that is sweet, but if I had to choose one product it would be the Milka Advent calendar with whom I would wait for 24 days for Christmas Eve.

Maria: I love Christmas! For me, it is really the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely adore Christmas decorations, Christmas carols, and most of all Christmas sweets.


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