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Meet Izzy, Our Sales Intern

"MDLZ’s has an amazing work culture, they always have people as the main focus, the flexibility that MDLZ offers and the additional benefits and schemes they have really prove they care about every employee."

Izzy Cunnigham-Brown, Sales Intern

Monday, April 15, 2024

What early careers scheme did you join?

Sales Internship in Shopper Activation.

What is the most exciting project that you have worked on?

The most exciting project I got to work on was an exclusive LU activation in Sainsburys. I loved it so much, as I got to choose and create a bespoke competition, design and come up with the concept of the key visual that went along with the campaign and I also got to choose the media we would activate on instore, all from scratch and all by myself. It really developed my creativity and was incredible to finally see all my work live instore. I got to work cross-functionally with brand and the sales team and was given full reign to come up with the concept of the campaign and all the artwork that went with it. I chose a competition that the winner would win a holiday to France and that the key visual would look like a postcard, it was so fun from start to finish!

Can you give us an example of how you stepped outside your comfort-zone in this role? Or, what is your biggest learning experience since working with us?

Definitely within my role, the biggest learning was the importance of agility and time-management. Shopper activation is so fast paced, you must be able to manage your time accordingly and also know when to prioritise something over something else. Its given me the skills to work quickly but effectively and be able to work on many projects all at the same time. This skill has been so useful to develop, as returning to university I know I will be able to transfer this skill into my university work/life balance, and in the future be able to deal with a fast-paced environment without getting overwhelmed or behind schedule.

How would you describe the work culture at Mondelēz International and within your function?

MDLZ’s has an amazing work culture, they always have people as the main focus, the flexibility that MDLZ offers and the additional benefits and schemes they have really prove they care about every employee. Within my function of Shopper activation, everyone is so friendly and always there to help, we have regular catch-ups and check-ins to make sure everyone is doing well and to offer help to anyone who may need it.

What is your favourite MDLZ brand?

I must say the most underrated brand & one I only discovered since working for MDLZ, is the Natural Confectionary Co., I am obsessed with their Dino mix and Sour Squirms - would doesn’t love having sweets that look like animals, it really brings out your inner child!

What advice would you give someone that’s considering doing an internship with MDLZ?

I don’t think you truly understand the experiences and freedom you get on your internship at MDLZ. If someone was to tell me I would be working on campaigns and designing media plans by myself for brands such as Cadburys, Toblerone and Oreo in major retailers such as Asda and Sainsburys, I wouldn’t believe them! Seriously it has been one of the best years ever, working with incredible people who really make it feel like your part of a family, as well as working with so many different teams and a variety of projects within your role.

Every day is exciting, and you will always find something new to stretch you within your role. I would say to anyone considering, 100% go for it, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!


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