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India's #GemsJrNFT is the longest running charity campaign

Monday, August 08, 2022

Could you ever imagine a kid entering the world of digital collectables' a.k.a. NFTs? This is indeed a reality with Cadbury Gems!

As part of its Junior NFT campaign, Cadbury Gems, one of India's oldest and much-loved chocolate button brands, launched its first-ever NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

What's #GemsJrNFT?

To encourage and celebrate creativity and imagination, Cadbury is using blockchain platform, GuardianLink, to convert artwork made by kids around the country into NFTs. In addition to creating meaningful moments of joy and learning between a child and parent, Cadbury Gems is also extending a helping hand by partnering with, NGO Save The Children. Proceeds from the NFT sales will be used towards the education of underprivileged children.

Parents were invited in mid-July to upload their child's art directly onto the Cadbury Gems microsite, after which, the brand will curate a one-of-its-kind online gallery of digital collectibles.

Potential buyers can purchase these unique assets through fiat currency and have the NFT stored in their wallet. This cycle of doing good does not end here! Buyers will be able to further bid and make repeat purchases, making this the longest running charity campaign.

Cadbury Gems continues to make learning fun by launching innovative ways for parents to focus on their kid's development, including introducing Cadbury PlayPad, an augmented reality gaming experience. The brand also organized a successful virtual Cadbury Gems birthday party with India's hottest YouTube sensation, Aayu-Pihu.

Truly a sweet and impactful campaign, this #GemsJrNFT!