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Boring men in suits looking at spreadsheets all day, and women are bad with numbers are some of the myths that come to mind when people think about a career in finance. Not at Mondelēz International.

Monday, March 01, 2021

You will be joining our fast-moving organization as a valued partner to the business by supporting and leading our growth agenda, which is both exciting and challenging. You will work with diverse groups of people across the organization and become involved in projects which demand much more from you than just 'counting beans'.

Gender is as irrelevant for a career in Finance as it is for any job at Mondelēz International – we make it an opportunity for all, with a range of roles available and wide possibilities for you to follow your own distinct career path.

There are no barriers to leadership positions, and our flexible working options and benefits mean it's possible to combine personal life and career without compromising either one.

Make It an Opportunity at Mondelēz International

If there's nothing available that matches your talents, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR DETAILS HERE and we'll get back to you when a new opportunity comes up.