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Adham from Egypt gives us insight into the role of a Sales Director

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Friday, July 28, 2023

What is your current role and what makes it exciting?

My Current Role is Sales Director Egypt and what makes it exciting is the ability to Lead, work with & interact with different colleagues, functions, & brands. Also working on managing & reacting to short term challenges & opportunities while working on making sales organization ready to win & lead in the future. We have a vision of a sales organization that is a source of competitive advantage & profitable growth...this is exciting!

How has your career developed at MDLZ?

I Joined MDLZ back in April 2020 as CP&A Manager for Mashreq, then got Promoted to Sales Director Mid 2021. But it's not about the roles, in MDLZ and throughout the past 3 years, the exposure to different projects, leaders, & categories has significantly helped me grow, develop & mature and I’m still hungry for more.

What kind of project, assignments have you done outside of the traditional career moves that helped you further your career?

I was able to work on cross functional projects that broadened my skills & enabled my development, 2 examples are Digital transformation for our distributor operations in Egypt, another one is Order fulfilment consolidation to enable logistics efficiencies in Egypt. These projects sharpened my end-to-end understanding of the business. 

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How do you describe the culture at MDLZ?

An agile, people oriented, simple, makes you feel welcomed & comfortable culture. It's a workplace where you could be emotionally safe, have a lifetime career, and enjoy going to work every day. 

And finally, what is your favourite MDLZ brand? What kind of childhood memories are attached to it? 

My Favourite MDLZ Brand is OREO! My kids Love it and I love the fact that it makes them proud that I work for the company that makes OREO.