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ReStart Program

ReStart at MDLZ

The MDLZ ReStart program is a career relaunch opportunity featuring roles that will offer meaningful work, support from managers, visibility to leadership, and opportunities to further your career.

We provide these opportunities to support people coming back to work after a long career break.

"MDLZ knows that if we want to hire the best talent in the market, we must continue to evolve our talent attraction practices – and that’s why I’m pleased we are partnering with iRelaunch to expand our reach to high-performing talent that wants to resume their careers. This will connect MDLZ to broader diverse talent pools where everybody wins.”

ROBERT PERKINS, Chief Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The Program

Who is this for:

Maintaining and encouraging women's participation in technology is a priority for us. It's common for many individuals, both women and men, to pause their careers to care for family members. Unfortunately, when they seek to return, they often face limited prospects for resuming full-time employment. If this resonates with your experience, our ReStart Program is designed with you in mind, and we highly recommend that you apply.

We're in search of professionals with a background in the consumer goods industry who are eager to rejoin the workforce. Applicants should hold an academic degree and have been either under-employed or out of work for a minimum of one year to qualify for the ReStart program.

Reasons for a year career break might include:

  1. Starting a family
  2. Caring for family member
  3. Teaching
  4. Serving your community
  5. Fulfilling military service
  6. Exploring entrepreneurial ventures
  7. Serving in political office
  8. Continuing education

"I am excited to help break the bias against taking career breaks, and enhance diversity & inclusion in the workspace by providing equal opportunities for career re-launchers to contribute and flourish. I am grateful for our partnership with iRelaunch & SWE to ensure we lay-out a robust program from search to on-boarding!"

TINA VASWANI, VP, Digital Enablement & Consumer Data

What can you expect:

Work: Our aim is to bring you directly into a specific role. We recognize that adapting to this new phase of life requires support, so we'll maintain regular contact during your onboarding process to ensure a smooth ReStart experience.

Training: As part of your onboarding, we will offer training programs designed to ease your re-entry into the workplace.

Networking: A key focus will be to expand your professional network as a ReStarter. You'll have the opportunity to interact with colleagues in our business area and other ReStart participants.