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What do consumers think of our brands? Who’s buying our products?

Could we reach new markets? How can we improve our bottom-line performance? What is Mondelēz International’s long-term strategic vision? Is our packaging grabbing the attention of consumers? Are we testing our products in the right way? Are we responding to future trends? Would merging with or acquiring a competitor company, or entering into a joint venture give us a new foothold in a core market?

Strategy, Insights and Analytics (SIA) answers the burning questions that allow us to optimize our performance today and plan for an even brighter future.

It’s where an understanding of consumer behavior, the ability to take a broad picture of our markets and the intelligence to work with huge amounts of data offers the opportunity to make an impact on our global snacking business… and forge an absorbing career.

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  • Where You could Fit In

    Where Could You Fit In

    SIA brings together three different disciplines into one function where people work collaboratively together to achieve our business goals.

    Strategy operates globally and comprises three teams:

    • Strategic Planning develops and monitors our strategic plan and tackles some of our most challenging strategic questions. It works closely with Category Strategy, Regional Category team (RCT) marketing, Global Platform Innovation and Finance teams.
    • External M&A Strategy identifies inorganic growth opportunities in regions and categories, whether these be mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or global partnerships. The team also evaluates entry into new category white spaces.
    • Category Strategy sets the strategic direction for our categories across regions. It works in close partnership with the RCT leaders to define the future innovation pipeline, white space market entry and growth plans for the category.

    Insights consists of a number of teams:

    • We have a small Global team that focuses on global brands and innovation platforms, as well as best practice and our overall capabilities. Best practice includes everything from our research methods and product testing to measuring trends and supplier relationships. The Global team also takes a bird’s eye view of our growth in the context of our Global Snacking Framework. It examines our performance in specific categories and what consumers look for – for example, how does Oreo appeal to females over the age of 35 in the UK?
    • Regional Category teams work on brand and categories, across marketing, media and sales, to create regional plans.

    Analytics includes a global team that serves as a center of expertise for Mondelēz International with four regional teams that focus on specific geographies. There are three sides to Analytics:

    • Pricing Pack Architecture leverages consumer insights and pricing analytics to develop recommendations for new price pack offerings to fill key white spaces and strengthen our offerings to the trade.
    • Marketing Analytics measures the efficacy of our marketing and advertising – everything from TV commercials to billboards and bus sites.
    • Growth Analytics focuses on evaluating the health of our core business and key business drivers. They partner with our local teams to make recommendations on how to improve business performance and manage our most critical global scorecards.
  • What Careers Look Like

    What SIA Careers Look Like

    You’ll be part of a collaborative, global team that is harnessing the very latest developments in digital communications and technology to deliver for the business.

    In Strategy, you’ll look at the performance of our existing products against targets. This will take into account everything from brand performance and market share to competitor activity. You’ll find new ways for growth. What markets should we enter? What new segments could we extend our brands into? What channels could enable further growth? What M&A activity would be advantageous – and if a target company doesn’t want to be bought, do we have a plan B?

    In Insights, you’ll get under the skin of consumer and shopper behavior, looking at what they do and what they want from us. For example, are we appealing enough to the health conscious? This could mean talking with consumers, shadowing shoppers, looking at sales data, share numbers and market penetration, making situation assessments, or evaluating the potential of innovation or the effectiveness of our advertising.

    In Analytics, the focus is on evaluating the health of our business and securing a greater return on investment. Whether you’re looking at our packaging and pricing, or measuring the success of our advertising, you’ll help us understand our current performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Your Learning Experience

    Your Learning Experience

    You bring intellectual curiosity, business understanding and raw enthusiasm to SIA and we’ll provide the learning opportunities for you to flourish.

    We have a thoroughly equipped Resource Room specific to SIA, where you’ll find information on virtually every business-related subject. Courses will give you the inside track on our products, and an understanding of trends and companies in our markets. There’s our Big Purple Bus Tour and e-learning, and you’ll become familiar with Mondelēz International’s growth strategy.

    There will also be learning specific to the area of SIA that you join. For example, in Strategy, you’ll learn how to assess business opportunities; in Insights, the emphasis might be on understanding our research process.

Jan Trichterborn

SeniorEuropean Sales Manater European Sales, Zurich

I work in our European Sales department. My job is to make the products we make and bake, whether from our big global brands or our wonderful local offers, available to as many consumers as possible across the Business unit . So I look for new countries, new channels and/or new customers to broaden the reach of our offer.

I have been with the company now for 15 years. Mondelēz has always given me a lot of freedom to shape my role and my projects, I have started in research, development and quality and worked in various business functions such as Marketing, Consumer Insights and Sales.