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"Welcome to MDLZ Research & Development (R&D). We're delighted that you visited us and excited for you to explore the fascinating world of R&D! We are ~2500 community of professionals that is essential to MDLZ's growth. We achieve this by putting the Consumer First, converting their desires and needs into Innovative Products, and executing to the highest standard. No matter what R&D discipline or role you work in, we all design the right snack for the right moment and ensure it is made the right way!" - Daniel Ramos Chief R&D Officer

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    Product Development

    We are Bakers & Makers of favourite snacks around the world in categories: Chocolate, biscuits, cakes & pastries, beverages, gum & candy, meals.

    We Discover: deliver functional benefits against Consumer Insights, through the invention of new science and technology, building the right knowledge for platform development

    We Develop: create winning product, process, packages for the identified consumer platforms

    We Deploy: implementing those products and processes in local markets across the Globe

    Our iconic and ‘taste of the nation’ brands are a true testament of the knowledge and expertise of our R&D colleagues

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    Packaging is one of R&D team of experts that supports all categories. We play critical role to connect with customers as packaging attracts people, keeps products fresh and protects them from damage or contamination. If there’s an issue that consumers are having, our packaging experts solve problems too. When consumers were frustrated by broken cookies and hard-to-open packets, we invented Snack’n Seal solution for Oreo and Chips Ahoy! cookies.

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    Process & Technology

    One of R&D critical capabilities is process development, engineering and technology that are deployed across our global network of pilot plants. The transformations that grant our products their sensorial and shelf life properties happen inside our mixing, creaming, baking, stoving, depositing and cooling equipment. This team masters it!

    Our role is to lead process design, pilot plants, optimization, equipment and technology development along with brand value / productivity.

  • consumer science

    Consumer Science

    We are a Global community of agile, curious and collaborative leaders.

    We have teams in all Technical centers and partner closely with both our Product and Pack Development, R&D supporting Functions and Commercial colleagues on all product categories. Our sensory and consumer tools enable us to support Innovation, Renovation, Productivity, Quality and Supply Chain Projects.

    We create meaning from this data and transform the information into insights that drive growth to enable holistic product and pack design.

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    Food Safety and Quality

    Our Purpose is to empower people to snack right. We live it everyday, in everything we do, guided by our three Values: Love Our Consumers and Brands, Grow Every Day and Do What’s Right.

    Nothing speaks to “Snacking Made Right” more than our relentless focus on Food Safety and Quality. Our commitment to consumer inspired quality and continuously improving consumer value and food safety will no waiver.

    We will always ensure the food we make achieves our highest standards. By following our quality policies and local regulatory requirements, we enable “Snacking Made Right”. Our global team assures makers and bakers have the rigth tools and knowledge to give our consumers the confidence to enjoy our products and share them with their friends and family.

  • Research & Analytical Sciences

    Research & Analytical Sciences

    Research plays a vital role in unlocking the new technical capabilities required for us to realise our Vision 2030. We partners with R&D categories and Supply Chain to build new science & technology solutions.

    We build knowledge, technical capabilites and provide support in lipids, nutrition sciences, crop sciences, carbohydrates, protein, dairy  biotransformations, flavour, material sciences, open innovation and IP 

    Analytical Sciences leverages broad-ranging capabilities across all regions, working in partnership with R&D and Supply Chain colleagues, to deliver analytical-based scientific solutions to meet business needs. 

    Analytical Sciences is the keystone for chemical & physical data integrity in Mondelēz International. We provide the right analytical solutions to enable consumer delight and build an innovation pipeline of new and cutting-edge analytical methods.

  • Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

    The global SARA (Scientific & Regulatory Affairs) consists of recognized food and nutrition experts with a mission to contribute to a world where consumers have information and product they want and trust and where sound science advances public outcomes.

    We lead innovative and consumer centric solutions through our global scientific and industry network to unlock opportunities and enable business success. What we do?

    Scientific Affairs – anticipates and manages food labeling regulations and scientific issues to drive growth, protect the business and position Mdlz as a credible advocate in the external environment.

    Nutrition Strategy & Communications – builds and executes nutrition strategies, education and communications to drive growth thru well-being. We Focus on external engagement in support of wellbeing, our brands and nutrion issues.

    Regulatory Affairs – delivers regulatory expertise to ensure compliance to laws, regulations & policies. We use regulatory strategy to identify claims, labeling approaches and formulation opportunities.

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