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We have opportunities to grow in big and bold ways, and our Legal team is at the forefront of helping us to capitalize on them. We enable the business to compete globally, while complying with legal requirements and standards of ethical conduct. In addition to risk management and mitigation, we facilitate strategic transactions and business contracts. Put simply, our work protects our company, our brands and our people.

Legal is a globally connected community. Operating through Centers of Expertise (COEs), we provide advice and share knowledge across the entire organization.

We complement our service model with local teams to meet the needs of individual commercial units. This enables us to strike the right balance between corporate direction, front-line performance and practice area expertise.

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  • Where You could Fit In

    Where Could You Fit In

    We’re a culturally diverse function, operating in over 45 countries, with all kinds of opportunities. Broadly, we provide expertise and support in the following key areas:

    • Corporate Center – our General Counsel establishes our overall strategic direction, the Mondelēz Way; this group leads activities in relation to global arrangements and initiatives, such as transfer pricing, intercompany agreements, M&A and venture transactions, and global restructuring.
    • Global Law, Intellectual Property and Operations – we have integrated excellence team to protect our brands and manage our global trademark portfolio; created two hubs, working in different time zones, provide support in all aspects of obtaining and reviewing patents; and composed a team to provide contract management expertise, work to standardize major agreements, and provide world-class support to the global procurement, integrated supply chain and integrated business services functions.
    • Global Governance – encompasses different areas of expertise, including: Corporate Secretary, Business Integrity and Global Security. We deliver assurance that the company has what it needs to operate lawfully, ethically and securely, while being guardians of corporate governance.
  • What Careers Look Like

    What Legal Careers Look Like

    Whether you’re newly qualified or an experienced leader, you’ll enjoy all the benefits a best-in-class legal team can offer. From day one, you’ll work with experts who share your passion, drive and ambition. Your fresh ideas and unique perspective will be valued. And you’ll have the chance to make your mark quickly.

    You’ll develop deep expertise across all three of our practice areas – Legal, Business Integrity and Global Security. And gain a breadth of experiences across our regions and categories. This could see you building specialist knowledge across many COEs, such a Corporate Governance, Compliance & Integrity, Intellectual Property and Mergers & Acquisitions.

    "Understand what gives you energy, in your work and personal life."

    Melissa Harrup, VP & Chief Counsel US, NA Legal Lead
  • Your Learning Experience

    Your Learning Experience

    We’ll encourage you to be bold and discover your own path, while providing the inspiration, tools and opportunities you need to create an outstanding career.

    A lot of your learning will be on the job. Every day, you’ll be empowered to grow and connect both within Legal and across the wider business. You’ll have the freedom to take on stretching challenges. Take on an assignment that broadens your view or help a colleague to grow. Be a mentor or be mentored. The key is to stay flexible and be ready to seize any opportunities that come your way.

    You’ll be supported by managers and coaches who share your passion and ambition. They’ll provide the honest, constructive feedback you need to build on your strengths and remedy any weaknesses. You’ll also have access to some of the best formal training around, including our dedicated CLA Rise Program and Mondelez International University.

    "Be open minded about every experience; don’t be afraid to try new things."

    Shomit Azad, Senior Counsel, ANZ