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Our Business Services team is at the heart of simplifying and standardizing the way our company operates.This passionate team is delivering global, end-to-end, scalable processes that support our business – all with exceptional service.

Information Business Services (IBS) is a real center of excellence. Step in & join our diverse team of business experts delivering services in a number of crucial areas, including Finance, Human Resources, Customer Services, Procurement, Master Data, Real Estate & Facilities, Finance, Information Technology Solutions and more.

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  • Where You could Fit In

    Where Could You Fit In

    We’re a diverse team of business experts that collaborates with our partners to lead the work of more than 3,000 people.

    Think of us as ‘a company within a company.’

    Right now, we’re delivering services in a number of crucial areas, including Finance, Human Resources, Customer Services, Procurement, Master Data, Real Estate & Facilities and more.

  • What Business Services Careers Look Like

    What Business Services Careers Look Like

    We want IBS to be a real centre of excellence. A place where talented, entrepreneurial minds collaborate together to achieve great things for their teams and themselves.

    You could join us at any stage of your career and have a remarkable impact. If you’re still relatively inexperienced, you’ll build specialist knowledge and learn how to manage clients, services and initiatives. If you’re a manager, you’ll enhance your ability to lead vital projects and functional partnerships. And if you’re already a leader, you’ll bring a strong strategic focus to your work, partner with other leaders, lead multiple groups and build an invaluable international perspective.

    Our goal is to help our company operate better and more competitively. And it’s this relentless focus on improvement that defines our culture. Bold, intelligent and ambitious, you’ll be surrounded by diverse people who share your drive to make us THE best global business services organization.

  • Your Learning Experience

    Your Learning Experience

    There are many ways you could develop your career with us. We’ll encourage you to discover your own direction. From day one, you’ll be empowered to find your strengths and overcome any gaps in your knowledge. You’ll have the inspiration, tools and opportunities to make the very most of your unique talents and abilities. At all times, leadership teams will be working to provide you with the necessary capabilities to succeed.

    You’ll do most of your learning on the job, benefitting from a rich blend of experiences. Along the way, you’ll be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and take on challenges that really stretch you. Lead a project. Teach a class. Spend some time volunteering. These are all great ways to learn. Whenever you need advice and guidance, you’ll have the ear of experienced managers and mentors.

    Of course, you’ll have formal training too. This could be anything from courses and face-to-face workshops to webinars and eLearning. You’ll also have the chance to attend a range of events, such as our Growing Here Weeks.

Ana Sramek

Data Management Services, Hub Business Partner, Central Europe & South East Europe, Bratislava

I am the DMS GS1 Lead (MEU) and I work with all the fabulous MDLZ brands and categories, supporting the exciting fast growing E-commerce business.

I am with Mondelēz for more than 6 years now and I had several functions in Supply Chain and had a chance to be a part of unique big projects.

I am connected to all amazing colleagues all over the world. I really love the international environment! Our brands and the people are the key for my performance, motivation and results.