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Partners and Industry Coalition Memberships

We are members of various organizations that cover a range of issues important to our business. Our engagement in these organizations is based on the philosophy of bringing together differing view and to help drive change. At times, our views may differ from others. Here is a sample of the groups we take part in:

We co-chair the Consumer Goods Forum’s Forest Positive Coalition of Action, the Palm Oil Working Group and the Human Rights Working Group, where we are pioneering sector-wide approaches for a future that is forest positive and respects human rights.

We partner with and are members of industry affiliations dedicated to promoting human rights, such as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN Human Rights).

We fully support multi-stakeholder collaboration for sector-wide approaches for a forest positive future where industry and NGOs work together to optimize land across sectors in collaboration with producing governments.

We sit on the board of directors of the World Cocoa Foundation, dedicated to catalyzing public-private action to accelerate cocoa sustainability. We fully support the foundation’s multi-stakeholdership approach for transformative change in the cocoa supply chain via joint learnings and knowledge sharing.