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GMO Ingredients

The safety of our products and the trust and confidence of our consumers is critical to our success. We also recognize that various groups have differing views regarding crop biotechnology and derived ingredients.

At Mondelez International, we believe that crop biotechnology can play an important role in improving food production and ensuring enough food for the world’s growing population. The technology already provides some environmental benefits, such as reduced use of pesticides and water, and increased crop yields, and it has the potential to provide improved nutritional profiles for some crops.

Many public authorities with scientific expertise have affirmed the safety of genetically-modified (GM) ingredients and biotech crops that are currently on the market. This includes the World Health Organization, the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the European Food Safety Authority, and the U.S. National Academy of Science.

While the scientific consensus around the safety of currently available GM food ingredients is clear, local regulation and consumer acceptance of GM food ingredients varies across the globe. That’s why as a global company, Mondelēz International considers various factors when deciding whether or not to use GM ingredients in individual countries. In addition to meeting our strict safety and quality criteria, other factors our local businesses take into account include local regulatory requirements on use, consumer acceptance, and availability of alternatives.

We also support appropriate regulation of biotech crops in the field and GM ingredients in food to assure the safety and integrity of the food supply, as well as to protect the environment. Regarding labeling, as there is no global agreement on the labeling of GM-ingredients, and government approval on use and labeling differs from country to country, Mondelēz International complies with all local applicable regulatory requirements in each country regarding the use and labeling of GM ingredients in food.