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Front of Pack Labelling

Consumer research shows that calories/energy are the top item of interest for consumers, and this is applicable in nearly every market. We support calorie Front of Pack (FoP) systems based on local daily reference values – Daily Value (DV), Guideline Daily Amount (GDA), Reference Intake (RI) and Daily Intake Guide (DI).

We participate in FoP labeling systems in several markets, either based on local regulations or voluntary industry efforts. For those markets that do not have a calorie FoP in place, we developed our own internal guidelines based on existing FoP labeling systems to ensure we are consistent globally.

Since 2016 we have calorie information FoP globally on all of our eligible products (where such front-of-pack labeling is permitted and in line with regulatory requirements).

We support providing a common approach to FoP labeling that fits local market needs and regulations and gives consumers meaningful information at a glance. We support fact-based FOPNL, e.g., monochrome Global Daily Allowance (GDA) labels. Fact-based labels restate on the front of the pack, and in a simple format, facts on Calories and nutrient content that are included in the nutrient table on the back of the pack. This makes essential nutritional information more visible to the consumer.

We do, however, recognize consumers sometimes appreciate some form of interpretation in FOP labels and in light of the push in certain market to look at new labelling options we are working with industry peers and stakeholders to understand what could be effective and pragmatic options to consider.