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Supply Chain is the largest function in Mondelēz International, with more than 61,000 employees located in 14 business units around the world.

As part of our 2030 Vision and our commitment to safety, quality and sustainability, every member of the team plays a key part in unlocking new possibilities in our supply chain, from end to end. Whether it’s sourcing and procuring raw materials; manufacturing and distributing the finished product; planning or handling customer orders; upholding workplace safety; ensuring product safety; or auditing and assessing, we’re determined to continuously improve the future of snacking and become the best Supply Chain in the consumer goods industry.

There are many disciplines within our Supply Chain function: IBP and Demand Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Innovation, Quality and Food Safety, Engineering, HSE and Customer Service & Logistics. Do you share our values and ambition? Do you wish to collaborate with industry leaders, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven solutions, while feeling free and confident to express your authentic self? Thank this is the perfect place for you, join us and become part of the Mondelez family!

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  • Demand Planning

    Integrated Business Planning (IBP) & Demand Planning

    The Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Demand Planning teams are dedicated to translating our vision into strategy, as they create unbiased and unconstrained sales forecasts while analysing sales and production.

    It’s a 360° job, and it’s the crucial one to deliver our snacks to customers all around the world.

  • Procurement


    Our Procurement team creates competitive advantage for MDLZ through winning supplier partnerships and an effective management of all company spend. In partnership with the business, our teams drive sustainable top and bottom-line growth through supplier innovation, best-in-class margin and cash management and highly efficient source-to-pay processes.

    Whether you’re committed to supporting the farming communities we work with, or you’re determined to drive sustainable growth, you can make it happen at Mondelēz International.

  • Manufacturing & Innovation

    Manufacturing & Innovation

    This is where it all comes together, where we create the delicious finished products our consumers love from raw materials.

    Manufacturing is the beating heart of all our operations. We rely on 40,000 motivated and skilled employees taking ownership in their area of work, ensuring the safety of themselves and their colleagues while producing our top quality products reliably and efficiently to match demand.

    Innovation / Business Development supports our Growth and Innovation processes to deliver winning products to the market and to fuel our Company’s growth ambition. This includes owning a best-practice framework and networks to select the right ideas for our portfolio and to execute them with excellence. All this aligned with our Company's Goals and Strategy!

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  • Quality & Food Safety

    Part of the reason that our brands are cherished around the world is because every hand involved in making our products is committed to our values. Together with people safety, food safety is our #1 priority and value, and it’s our Quality & Food Safety team responsible to ensure that we always meet our exceptional standards.

    From the moment ingredients enter into our manufacturing sites, to when they leave towards their next destination, there’s plenty to do. Our safety experts check everything from general food safety, regulatory, quality standards and hygiene and their application during the conversion process to ensure customer and consumer highest satisfaction.

  • female employee controling packaging


    Where our brilliant ideas become a delicious reality. Our engineers develop the highly technical processes and competitive-advantaged assets behind every product we make, whether it’s an imaginative chocolate bar like Toblerone, an irresistible snack like Oreo or some wonderful new treat we haven’t even thought of yet.

    We are always in need of the hands and ideas of people who want to help us create newly loved products. It’s the diversity of skills and expertise that gives us a real cutting edge, so that we can keep innovating our irresistible snacks. Do you feel you can create the next snack beloved by thousands of people? Then join us!

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  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

    HSE and Security teams are a fundamental component of our Supply Chain organization, as they are responsible for applying and ensuring compliance of regional and global safety, security, and environmental standards. These groups strive for the highest level of personnel safety, asset protection, and sound environmental practices at all levels of the organization.

    It’s people that make Mondelēz, and our world class safety culture is something of which we are immensely proud of.

  • Customer Service & Logistics (CS&L)

    Mondelēz makes things move. Whether it’s procuring the finest ingredients, transporting them to our sites, or transforming them into our fantastic products with our unique magic, we are constantly ensuring that each process happens in the most efficient way, from farm to shelf.

    The work we do in CS&L is all about how we integrate the different elements of our supply chains. We make the links between our manufacturing sites and our customers as smooth and efficient as possible, as we strive to deliver best in class service in the most efficient and sustainable way. Our aim is to always have the right products, at the right time and with the right quantity and quality on the shelf for our consumers; managing this jointly with our customers.