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Procurement at Mondelēz International is more than buying. We source all goods and services worldwide to produce and deliver our loved products to customers and consumers. Our procurement process starts with under¬standing, even pre¬dicting, what our business needs and preparing to meet demand. We set the quality standards, build winning relationships with suppliers so they keep us up to date with innovations in their area, receive goods and services, and approve payments. Most importantly, we make it with purpose.

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  • Where You could Fit In

    Where Could You Fit In

    Five teams work together to give us competitive advantage in the global business environment: Category, Commodity Price Risk Management (CPRM), Global Strategy & Capability, Spend Areas and Operations. Drive your future, accelerate your career or simply jump in!

    • Category acts as a dedicated partner to each of our Categories, working with their teams on strate-gy and innovation. This is a part of Procurement where face-to-face interaction is vital and we meet with Local Procurement Representatives on a daily basis.
    • Commodity Price Risk Management (CPRM) is a global team that focuses on seven key commodities: energy, cocoa, dairy, sugar, grains, edible oils and nuts. All these commodities are traded on global markets and prices can change quickly. The team uses the Pricing Net of Commodities to track prices and control the risks to our business.
    • Global Strategy & Capability supports all groups within Procurement by sharing its expertise in best-in-class processes, policies and capability development. We need a master plan to achieve our long-term goals. This team looks at the overall ability of our people, processes and technology, and ways we can improve efficiency and effectiveness across Procurement.
    • Spend Areas are five global teams (Raw Materials, Packaging, Logistics & Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales and Business Services & Information Systems) responsible for 100% of purchases in their area. They work with suppliers and leverage our scale to get the best value for money. Through the Collaborating & Rationalizing for Enterprise Wins (CREW) initiative, they keep things simple and our suppliers to a minimum.
    • Operations comprises Local Procurement Representatives, who deal directly with stakeholders and suppliers in their regions and areas. It also includes Procurement Operations Centers, which are responsible for indirect spend transactions, procurement efficiency and ‘spot buys’ – which can be one-off purchases or just a great local deal.

    Entry roles include Local Procurement Representative, Sourcing Specialist and Commodity Procurement Risk Management (CPRM) Specialist, with a path to roles such as Spend Area Lead, Global Strategy & Capability Lead, Sourcing Director or CPRM Direct

  • What Careers Look Like

    What Procurement Careers Look Like

    Procurement at Mondelēz International is becoming increasingly strategic. At the same time, we need to make the complex procurement process simple while maximizing our power and potential.

    Your challenge will be to deliver the best total value to the organization. This will mean working closely with functions, such as Information Technology Solutions (ITS), and stakeholders across Mondelēz International to gain a thorough understanding of business needs. You’ll then link those needs to the market to find optimal supplier partnerships that offer cost savings without compromising quality.

    That’s a difficult balance to achieve. But it means Procurement is a place where you can grow your expertise. A place where you can realize your full potential. Where you’ll be empowered to deliver great performance – for yourself, for your team, for Mondelēz International.

    So we’ve made sure that we offer a range of career opportunities within Procurement for people at all levels. Whether you join us as an expert in your niche area, as a manager or as a leader, you’ll be able to thrive in an environment where different personalities, ideas and perspectives add true value to the business.

  • Your Learning Experience

    Your Learning Experience

    In Procurement, you decide how you want your career to progress. Our learning and development opportunities will help you to get to where you want to be.

    Most of your learning will be on the job. This will mean taking on ever-more complex and challenging projects. But development will also come from moving beyond your job description – perhaps by sharing your knowledge in a class, leading a task force or volunteering your services for a good cause.

    Learning will also come from daily interactions with some great colleagues, perhaps in the form of work shadowing, networking, coaching or mentoring. For more formal learning, you will have access to a dedicated Resources room, which offers a host of online tools, other initiatives such as face-to-face workshops and webinars, and events like our Growing Here Weeks.

Antonella Avella

Associage Director Global Sourcing Corporate & Professional Services

I am heading Global Procurement Corporate and Professional services. Basically, I am in charge of developing and implementing Global Sourcing strategies. The beauty of Mondelēz is that by remaining within the same company for almost 20 years I had the chance to gain experiences across many different areas, from Research & Development to Quality, to Procurement Direct material space, Procurement Innovation and Indirect.

Mondelēz is a company which believes in the power of diversity and who is strongly investing in the growth of its people.