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Mondelēz Digital Services (MDS) mission is to 'Empower Growth' by connecting our employees, customers, suppliers and stake¬holders. Its impact is far-reaching – from providing the platforms and tablets that boost sales, to delivering automated tools that enhance talent management; from improving manufacturing performance, to enabling our Research, Development, Quality (RDQ) teams to move faster from concept to market. MAKE IT innovative, make it with us!

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  • Where You could Fit In

    Where You Could Fit In

    We’re a big, global organization and our roles extend across the spectrum of digital and service solutions. Wherever your strengths lie, we’ll make sure you have wide exposure to the ‘towers’ that make up MDS. Towers are defined as areas of focus within MDS. These are just some of the examples of areas you could work in:

    • Strategy & Markets drives our business transformation and orchestrates our enterprise-wide technology strategy, ensuring that market needs are captured and transformed into solutions and adopted.
    • Technology & Enterprise Architecture is evolving, maintaining and innovating our enterprise architecture foundation – enabling flexibility, speed to market and greater consumer engagement. This tower also owns Business Process Excellence (BPE) providing the services, tools, methods and governance to implement a management discipline across MDLZ.
    • Decision Solutions enables enterprise master data and analytics capabilities. Analytics is crucial to the success of every function within Mondelēz International and we’re creating an internal and external data marketplace as a single source of truth.
    • Enabling Functions partners with finance, Mondelēz, human resources (HR) and Legal (LIS) to ensure we deliver on our business goals.
    • Growth is transforming the way we work together and connect with shoppers and our business partners. The team also coleads our enterprise digital transformation and partners to deliver capabilities for sales, marketing and categories.
    • Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) embraces order management, planning, procurement, manufacturing and warehouse management – all with the aim of getting our delicious products into shoppers’ hands.
    • Project delivery partners with the MDS towers to deliver projects across the enterprise.
    • Service Operations manages both our application support processes and technology infrastructure operations through support contracts and partnerships.

    Roles include: Market Lead, Data Modeler, Enterprise Architect, Tower Lead, Change Manager, Technical Analyst, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Support Analyst, Capability Lead, Capability Implementation, Region Engagement, Global Solution Owner and Solution Delivery Expert.

  • What Careers Look Like

    What MDS Careers Look Like

    Do you want to gain exposure to a contemporary enterprise architecture that’s providing a platform to champion the digital era? Keen to demonstrate your agile mindset and entrepreneurial spirit? Eager to be part of a connected, collaborative community where people share ideas?

    As a technical expert, you’ll use your knowledge and skills to drive performance within the MDS arena. As well as ensuring you remain technologically up to date, we’ll teach you skills such as problem solving or influencing.

    Our managers enable their people to ‘be at their best’. You’ll manage strategic projects and take control of your own budget. Great emphasis will be placed on equipping you to develop and coach your team.

    Leaders set the overall strategic focus and direction, driving results and fostering a great place to work. You’ll work in collaboration with other senior leaders and functions, managing multiple relationships and competing priorities.

  • Your Learning Experience

    Your Learning Experience

    Your career path will be unique to you, but we’ll provide the tools and inspiration for you to be bold in your decisions, move out of your comfort zone and make things happen for yourself.

    Most of your learning will be on the job. Projects are stretching and stimulating, and you’ll be immersing yourself in our iconic brands from a technical perspective. You can work across teams and geographies, while opportunities to share your knowledge, lead a task force or take part in volunteering activities will all boost your development.

    Mondelēz International University (MIU) offers many learning opportunities. It aims to inspire you to be a life-long learner. Courses will build your deep technical expertise, give you a 360 degree view of how we do business, and build technical and leadership skills. Beyond MIU, there are face-to-face workshops, courses, eLearning and webinars to equip you with the knowledge for today’s increasingly digital world. You’ll also learn from the people around you. This learning could come from shadowing a more experienced colleague, networking, mentoring or coaching.

Dana Sujova

Solutions Delivery Expert, Mondelēz Digital Services, Bratislava

I work in Finance as part of the MDS team. My role is Global. I belong to the team of first employees when the Mondelēz European Business Service Center was established in Bratislava 😊 I had the honor to be in group of colleagues, who travelled to countries and learnt the “know-how” from colleagues in local countries. What makes me satisfied is growing within Mondelēz.extending my knowledge with each project, seeing a lot of successful stories of colleagues and seeing more women leadership positions.