As the world’s largest snack company, we’re committed to making snacks the right way— snacks that people can feel good about, with ingredients they know and trust. We’re on a mission to redesign the snacking experience by:

  • Evolving our portfolio. We' re renovating the nutrition and ingredient profile of our bestselling brands by removing what people don’t want and adding more of what they do. We're also growing our well-being brands faster than our base portfolio each year and innovating snacks for the future.
  • Inspiring mindful snacking habits. Creating more enjoyable snacking experiences by investing in and expanding portion control options, as well as providing information and tools to support mindful snacking habits
  • Mobilizing innovative partnerships. Improving well-being of people and communities through partnerships with community organizations, colleagues and other stakeholders
Goal Progress Highlight(s)

Grow well-being brands** by twice the rate of base portfolio

More Needed

Growth of well-being brands remained at the same rate as our base portfolio

Contemporize our portfolio Improve the nutrition and ingredient profile of our biggest-selling brands and local jewels

More Needed

Since 2017: Reduced saturated fat by 1% and sodium by 0.9% across global portfolio

Cut saturated fat levels nearly in half (48%) and reduced sodium by 16% in TUC crackers

Reduced sugar levels by 1% in Milka and Oreo

Increased whole grains in Club Social crackers by 33%

Offered lower sugar options in the U.K., Cadbury Dairy Milk with 30% less sugar and Boost Protein Bar with 27% less sugar, and in Australia, The Natural Confectionery Company gummies with 25% less sugar

For us, it begins with our consumer. Globally, people are increasingly interested in well-being for themselves and for their families. People are interested in and are more attune to the connection between what they eat and their health. Their preferences are evolving and they are demanding a more holistic approach to their well-being.

Woman in the cracker aisle biting her finger nail while she holds a package of crackers.

Evolving Our Portfolio

Father leaning on table as he smiles at his son who is sitting in front of him. Child is also smiling while eating a cookie.

Inspiring Mindful Snacking

Evolving Our Portfolio

We're focused on improving the overall nutrient profile of our portfolio. We're optimizing the nutrition and ingredients of some of our best-selling brands, and have invested in new snacking options with less sugar that are on trend with consumers’ well-being interests.

Taking out Sodium, Saturated Fat and Trans Fat

We continue to reduce the amount of saturated fat and sodium in our global brands and local jewels, as well as launch new products and line extensions with less fat and salt in the recipes. In fact, in 2018, we reduced sodium by another 0.9 percent and saturated fat by 1 percent across our global snack portfolio. And we’ve eliminated nearly all industrially-produced trans fatty acids (iTFAs) and partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in our portfolio (98+ percent), which supports the World Health Organization’s (WHO) call for the removal of iTFAs from the global food supply by 2023.


Sugar reduction has been a focus for us over the past 10 years. We know that to maintain a healthier, more balanced diet, it is important to manage the intake of both sugar and calories. And we agree people should limit their sugar intake as part of an effort to reduce calories. This aligns with and supports the WHO and other regulatory agencies’ advice for consumers to limit added sugar intake to no more than 10 percent of daily calories.

We take a multi-pronged approach to help consumers manage sugar and calories, focused on five areas:

1. Creating new products with less sugar;

2. Reducing sugar amount in current products;

3. Launching and supporting lower sugar sub-lines;

4. Increasing portion control options;

5. Reinforcing portion messaging on pack.

That way people can savor the taste they love, but with fewer calories and sugar.

Whole Grains

We continue finding ways to add more whole grains in our key brands. In 2018, we increased whole grains in our best-selling cracker brands, Club Social and Ritz, with respectively 33 percent and 20 percent more whole grains since 2017.

Inspiring Mindful Snacking

Our portion control options — snacks that are 200 calories or less and are individually wrapped — enable people to enjoy the treats they love, become more mindful when they eat and help manage their calories. In 2018, our portion control options grew by 7 percent—with our biscuit category seeing the strongest growth as more of consumers’ favorite options were made available in 200 calories or less pack sizes, including Oreo Thins and Ritz Crisp & Thins.

This strong growth across all regions helped us deliver our global goal of 15 percent of our revenue from portion control snacks two years ahead of schedule.


Mindful Snacking Overview (PDF)

Mindful Snacking Consumer Guide (PDF)