Green Bond Framework

Introducing Sustainable Futures

Welcome to Mondelēz International’s vehicle to create impact on people and planet through innovative social investment and partnerships. Sustainable Futures will be a platform to incubate, finance and build partnerships in the impact investment space through co-funded climate projects and a new social venture fund, alongside a modified corporate foundation focused on humanitarian aid only. Common themes are to create partnerships with like-minded investors; increase the impact Mondelēz International can have on the world; and create self-sustaining projects that generate a clear return.

Sustainable Futures Platform

Impact Investing

Our biggest impact on the world lies in our carbon footprint in the regions where we source our raw ingredients, like Cocoa or Palm Oil. With Sustainable Futures we will venture into impact investing where we incubate, finance and support co-funded, self-sustaining ventures with like-minded investors. This includes, for instance, future investment in projects that address climate change in the landscapes from which we source raw materials.

Social Ventures

Our financial means can be put to use in ways that create positive impact in the communities in which we operate. Instead of providing simple grants, we can partner with social entrepreneurs to provide support in the form of seed funding or growth capital to help them incubate, nurture and scale their ideas for a more sustainable and equitable future. From recycling, through agricultural diversification, to projects that support marginalized communities, our financial support can generate environmental and social impact all over the world. Current funding includes seed investment into an NGO that will set up a sustainable social enterprise to upcycle multi-layered plastic packaging into board for multiple uses in India, and INMED Aquaponics Social Enterprise (ASE), a venture supporting agro-entrepreneurs in climate-smart food production.

Mondelēz International Foundation

Our responsibility as a major corporation is to offer support to others in times of greatest need. For many years our MDLZ Foundation, alongside its work to promote nutrition, also supported communities by working with a disaster relief fund managed by the IFRC (Red Cross). We will continue to engage with the IFRC and other NGOs via grants and matching funds to employees’ gifts. Together these means will help with immediate disaster relief in any part of the world, supporting communities and people to withstand and overcome the most severe disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and disease.

To date, the foundation has transformed the lives of 1.9 million children in 18 countries. Over the years, the impact has been considerable – a 34% increase in children knowing what good nutrition is, a 13% increase in children being physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, and a 25% increase in children eating more fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods.

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