Like many companies, Mondelēz International regularly works with government officials regarding matters of concern to our business.

Depending on the country, we may support candidates who understand and appreciate the public policies that affect our business, our brands and our employees. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, our political contributions and expenditures may be made to political candidates and organizations whose views are consistent with the interests and values of our company and our business strategy.

Where permitted by law in the U.S., we may contribute corporate funds to political committees, state candidates, and state political parties. We monitor contributions to ensure alignment with Company values and policy. However, as a practice, we do not fund 527 groups or “independent expenditures” (money spent to support a political candidate, but not in coordination with the candidate, the candidate’s authorized committee, or a political party). Mondelēz International generally does not make political contributions to tax-exempt organizations such as 501(c)4s that might be used for election-related purposes.