At Mondelēz International, we do not test our products on animals, nor do we fund or contract with external agencies or research institutions to conduct animal testing on our products or on our ingredients. We are committed to reducing the need for animal testing elsewhere within the industry. We encourage our suppliers and research institutions to use non-animal tests whenever possible and to explore every alternative to animal testing.

Where there are no approved non-animal methods available and where regulatory agencies require animal testing to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of a new ingredient or to advance fundamental knowledge in nutritional science, studies are completed by accredited facilities that follow proper animal welfare guidelines and comply with stringent principles, standards and procedures developed by third-party organizations, such as the U.S. National Research Council’s Institute of Lab Animal Resources and the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences.

These standards are based on and apply the internationally recognized “3Rs” [Replace animal testing, Reduce the number of animals being used in the tests, and Refine the testing process] and are consistent with the NIH/EPA testing agreement of 2008.