Metric Stream is our tool to communicate our Quality requirements with our suppliers in a 1:1 manner. This tool allows Mondelez International to communicate directly with our suppliers globally. Through this tool you can upload documents (e.g. your GFSI certificate plus report). Each supplier will receive system access and a password. Be prepared to receive emails from us using this tool! Please be responsive for the emails that you receive. Metric Stream email could be identified as “spam”/junk email. Please allow your system to receive these emails.

Metric Stream link

MSI System Training

The Supplier Audit Matrices describe the Audit process for new and existing suppliers (qualification and requalification) for all material types and associated frequencies.

Ingredient Supplier Audit Matrix

Packaging Supplier Audit Matrix

Please find here, available to you, additional information about Mondelez Quality Audits and GFSI Audits.