The safety and quality of our products are of the highest importance to us – as are the trust and confidence of our consumers and customers. One of the ways we achieve this is by ensuring the strength of our food safety and quality systems. We expect that our suppliers share this commitment and for that purpose the following documents are available for you:

Supplier Quality Expectations (SQE)

Raw Material Audit Matrix

Supplier and EM HACCP Manual

To complement our SQE and HACCP, we developed specific Processing Expectations Manuals for some of our raw material categories. Click here and check if you are a supplier of one of these categories.

External Manufacturer and Co-Packer: Supplier that produces the finished product using a Mondelēz International branding packing.
External Manufacturer and Co-Packer Quality Requirements (EMQR) - restricted access

We developed specific quality requirements for different segments of the Supply Chain. In this segment, you can find links for
Re-Packers, Warehouse and Transportation Manuals

The following quality requirements are applicable to our Supply Chain Service Providers:
Traceability & Coding Manual
Wooden Pallets Manual