Partnering with Entrepreneurs to Lead the Future of Snacking

“With SnackFutures, we’re building an unconventional ecosystem and culture that consists of our own best-in-class internal experts around the globe, and external partners who know things we don’t and can do things we can’t.”

Brigette Wolf

Head of SnackFutures Innovation

Partnering with Entrepreneurs to Lead the Future of Snacking
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Thursday, November 01, 2018

We're on a mission to lead the future of snacking. That's why we created SnackFutures, a global innovation and venture hub aiming at disrupting the snacking industry.

To get there, as part of SnackFutures, we're partnering with future innovators who see and do things differently than we do. We’re finding these talented and motivated individuals in start-up companies around the globe and together we’re eliminating obstacles for growth and innovation.

We're creating new partnerships across the innovation process including scientists, entrepreneurs, incubators, venture capitalists, innovators, suppliers and culinary trendsetters. Because they all bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Our goal is to provide a two-way support system to continuously push the boundaries and unleash innovative solutions. So we partner to unleash ideas and expand start-up businesses. We provide them access to our labs and our entire network of experts to share what we know while learning from their expertise.

Our partnerships start with investment and continue to provide the capabilities start-ups need to get to the next level, providing access and visibility to our full ecosystem. Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to do what’s good for people, kind to the planet and deliciously fun!