Meet Mert - Global eCommerce Lead Future Tech

“eCommerce will grow its share significantly in our revenue stream, by multiple folds in the next few years. ”

Mert Damlapinar

merit in his office behind a desk

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

What is your current role in e-commerce at MDLZ?
I’m the Global eCommerce Future Tech Lead, and my job is to understand the business needs and problems that new technology can solve and create business value. I bring Mondelēz eCommerce business units and new technology vendors together, facilitating a rapid and seamless pilot partnership, with an agility over perfection mindset. As we demonstrate commercial value, the next step is to scale up and expand it to the other markets. With IBS Global eCommerce Team, we constantly develop digital capabilities across the business units. We set up, run and improve tech and data services, supporting B2C, eB2B, and D2C initiatives.  Therefore, we drive the eCommerce technology pillar by partnering with the business unit eCommerce leaders and supporting the delivery of solutions and providing best-in-class technology services to support the business growth plans globally. 

What makes your role so exciting? 
Technology and eCommerce are one thing, and the MarTech landscapes is vibrant, evolving every day. My role is a strategic business partner to our business units with an exciting agenda, especially for someone like me who has both a business background and affinity to the fast-paced world of technology, integrating sales, marketing, data, and technology. Within my role, I have the potential for disruption, as well as accelerating our digital commerce growth.

Where do you see e-commerce going at MDLZ?
As we step up our digital marketing and technological investments, eCommerce will grow its share significantly in our revenue stream, by multiple folds in the next few years. Optimizing our demand generation activities while we increase our consumer data records, we’re going to be able to generate more actionable data insights and;  1) We can have direct access to consumers at scale 2) We can run always-on analytics and 3) most importantly, we can provide experiences across the full customer journey, as we transition to the channel-less commerce era. 

Mert and partner and his dog

What are the key skills one must have to succeed in both e-commerce and at MDLZ?
How much time do we have? (😊) Alright, let’s put a limit at 10! 
1) eCommerce Platforms,  
2) 360 Integrated Digital Marketing (including Search, Social, Programmatic, Display, OTT)
3) Business Analytics, 
4) Web Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO),  
5) Content Management Systems (CMS),  
6) Product Experience Management (PXM),   
7) Digital Shelf Reporting, 
8) Retail Media Optimization,  
9) Data Management and Customer Data Platforms (DMP/CDP),  
10) CRM 

How have you developed your career at MDLZ? 
Prior to joining Mondelēz, I was the Director of eCommerce at Sabra within the PepsiCo portfolio. Reporting to RVP of Sales, I managed the Sabra e-commerce business and owned the P&L. Relevant to my current role, I was also on the MarTech Steering Team, directly connected to our CMO and collaborating with our CIO and CTO for the digital transformation initiatives.  In the last 6 years, I developed and implemented multiple eCommerce Strategy and Roadmaps with performance-driven programs, built eCommerce teams with cross-functional members, and created operation frameworks. I’ve worked closely with the media, brand, shopper marketing, category management teams to develop and execute the omnichannel activations, as a part of overall eCom business, like search, display, OTT, and DSP. Also, on digital shelf performance, shopper journey, and dashboard reporting. So ultimately, I’ve come from the business side, being very involved with the digital activations and tech side of things.  And my personal ambition is to continuously improve myself in 3 core functions: digital commerce, digital marketing and data. So, I can integrate future tech for digital transformation initiatives for the applicable business needs. 

How would you describe the culture at MDLZ?
Here at Mondelēz, we cherish mind, body, and connection. This is a global firm where human-centric culture and health are at the center of everything we do. There are leaders who are been working here for 15, 20, 25 years and there’s a great deal of know-how to be gained from those mentors.

Do you feel MDLZ does a good job at creating a diverse and inclusive environment?
Absolutely yes! Especially at the Global eCommerce Team, we have a very diverse group of people with various cultural backgrounds. Working with our eCommerce business units around the world requires a good understanding of different market dynamics as well as consumer behavior trends in different parts of the world. In that sense, Mondelēz does a great job of creating an inclusive and diverse organization.