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Making All Our Packaging Recyclable By 2025

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Delivering against our long-term vision for zero-net waste packaging

We have announced a new commitment to making all packaging recyclable and providing recycling information by 2025. We will work in partnerships so that packaging can be collected and recycled in markets around the world. This new commitment is part of our strategy for a circular packaging economy and will help deliver our long-term vision for zero-net waste packaging.

“As the global snacking leader, we’re committing to using sustainably-sourced materials and recyclable packaging as part of our active contribution to reduce packaging waste and establish a circular economy for packaging,” said Rob Hargrove, Executive Vice President, Research, Development, Quality and Innovation. “Plastic waste and its impact on the planet is a broad, systemic issue that our consumers care deeply about, and which requires a holistic response. Together with partners from across the industry, as well as public and private entities, we can help to develop practical solutions that result in a positive environmental impact”


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