MDLZ Recycle Challenge Participation

Dirk Recycle Challenge

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Our CEO, Dirk Van de Put, accepted the #RecycleChallenge presented to him by Ahold Delhaize, Frans Muller President and CEO. In his social media video, Dirk has laid out how Mondelēz International will continue to play a leadership role in packaging and recycling innovation.

Empowering people to snack right means three things when it comes to packaging and recycling:

  1. Using the right amount of packaging
  2. Using materials that can be recycled
  3. Investing in partnerships and programs that enable and encourage recycling

We’re committed to making 100% of our packaging recycle-ready by 2025 and are working hard to deliver on that commitment. Today, about 92% of all our packaging is recycle-ready. We are investing in the innovation, infrastructure and education critical to success. We’re also working with partners to find solutions so more packaging is recycled.

Our ultimate goal is to lessen our impact on the environment by ramping up recycling rates and driving down waste whilst reducing global warming. To us, that’s a big part of Sustainable Snacking and Snacking Made Right.

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