International Day of Forests 2021

Forest protection and restoration in cocoa regions is a vital step to help reducing GHG emissions.

West Africa cocoa farmers illustration
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Sunday, March 21, 2021

This International Day of Forests, we highlight our ambition to making a positive impact for our planet and moving towards a Forest Positive Future.

Through our Cocoa Life program, protecting the environment has been a key focus from the start. Forest protection and restoration in cocoa regions is a vital step to help reducing GHG emissions. That’s why we provide more than 170,000 farmers with training, knowledge or incentives to conserve forests and make their communities more resilient to climate change.

We have also been introducing a series of innovations that we started to take to scale. Partnerships are key to scaling up our efforts for even greater impact – learn more about the Cocoa & Forests Initiative in the above video from the World Cocoa Foundation.

Learn more about how we're combatting deforestation and building climate change resilience.

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