Investing in Hu, a healthy-lifestyle snacking company

“Jordan, Jessica and I started Hu because we wanted a place where we could trust and understand every ingredient in our food,” said Jason H. Karp, Chairman and Co-Founder of Hu. We chose Mondelēz International as a minority investor because we believe their resources, strengths and progressive vision of SnackFutures can help us accelerate positive change within snacking. This partnership should allow the Hu platform to grow and reach more people in a better and broader way than on our own.”

Overhead shot of 8 different flavours of Hu bars on a woodgrain table with various bits and pieces of individuals chocolate squares strewn about.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

We're investing in vegan, paleo-friendly chocolate products! As part of SnackFutures, our innovation and venture hub, we have acquired a minority investment in Hu (pronounced “hue” as in Human), the parent company of Hu Products and Hu Kitchen, a fast-growing US-based snack company that offers minimally processed, high-quality snacks.

Hu was started in New York City as Hu Kitchen in 2012 by Jason H. Karp and siblings Jordan Brown and Jessica (Brown) Karp. The Hu Kitchen concept offers high-end, delicious, paleo-inspired foods with simple, real ingredients. This concept took off and prompted the company to expand to create award-winning chocolate products made with simple and understandable ingredients.

Using recipes free of refined sugar, soy, dairy and gluten, Hu continues to develop its premium portfolio of wellness-focused snacking products. 

Mondelēz International is committed to providing the resources, strengths and vision to help Hu accelerate growth and reach a global audience. Using an in-house test kitchen and insights lab, Hu has the opportunity to quickly and efficiently test and learn about new and existing products. The partnership brings together the expertise of a start-up and global snacking company to develop a broader health-focused snack platform.

Keep updated on new products and learn more about Hu Products on their website. For more information on SnackFutures, visit 


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