A Taste Of Who We Are

With more than 7,500 makers and bakers dedicated to empowering people to snack right, Western Europe is a key area within Europe for Mondelēz International. We have a strong industrial footprint with 19 plants producing some of our bestselling local and international biscuits, chocolate, cheese & grocery and candy products. Moreover, Western Europe counts 7 headquarters and one biscuits R&D center in Paris-Saclay (France). The latter supports product development for many of Europe’s most beloved biscuit brands, including LU, belVita and TUC.

The Western Europe Snacks area operates in four clusters: France / Belgium, Luxembourg & the Netherlands / Italy / Spain and Portugal.

Love Our Consumers And Our Brands

In the Western European area, we operate in the core categories Bakery (Sweet Biscuits, Soft Cakes, Savory Snacks, Bread Substitutes, Cereal Bars), Confectionary (Chocolate, Gum & Candy) and Cheese & Grocery.  We have a leading position in the snacking market in Europe and we are proud to have strong global brands with a long heritage in our portfolio, like Milka, Toblerone, TUC, Oreo, Philadelphia or BelVita. Next to our global power brands, we make some of the most iconic local snacking brands – including LU, Côte d’Or, ORO, LiGA, Fontaneda, Royal, Fattorie Osella, Pavlides and Suchard.

women snacking

We work to understand our consumers in-depth knowledge of the snacking habits. For instance, the "Observatoire du Snacking," initiated in 2017 in France, is a research project into behaviors and trends to better understand “snacking à la française.” We also took part at the Annual Global Innovation Summit in Milan to organize a sustainable snacking competition promoted by the innovation hub SnackFutures, a forward-thinking innovation hub recently launched by Mondelēz International to capitalize on changing consumer trends and emerging opportunities for snacking.

Grow Every Day

Our strength lies in our diverse, inclusive and connected community in which we continue to enhance a workplace where differences are valued, and everyone can be their authentic selves. Furthermore, in 2020, we focused on making well-being a priority by offering webinars, sessions, and resources to help our colleagues adapt to the remote style of working and support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being in both their professional and personal life.

Globally, we are committed to increasing women in leadership positions which today represent more than 49% in the Western European area. We are also developing leadership mentoring and flexible working practices. Moreover, we are constantly investing in the development of our employees with more than 67,000 training hours in 2020.

As the safety of our colleagues is a top priority for us, we are striving to ensure all our employees feel safe and comfortable, while working in an accident-free environment across our offices and our 19 manufacturing sites.

MDLZ employees

Do What’s Right

The Western Europe area has been a pioneer in ensuring a sustainable supply of wheat used for our biscuits by setting up the Harmony program in France more than 10 years ago. Today, we partner with more than 1,600 wheat farmers that have achieved a 20% reduction in pesticides and 60% of our European biscuits are made with Harmony wheat. By the end of 2020, 76% of the volume of wheat needed to produce our biscuits across our EU business unit was grown under our Harmony charter. We are also passionate about chocolate and we invest in Cocoa Life, our holistic verified program that creates a movement for lasting change to make cocoa right. Brands like Côte d’Or, Milka and Toblerone are part of the program. Cocoa Life has reached over 188,000 cocoa farmers by the end of 2020 (goal: 200,000 by 2022), improving the livelihoods of these communities.

farmers in wheat field

We are also exploring innovation in plastic recycling technology to improve flow of food-grade recycled content. For instance, in 2019, we have joined the sustainable Loop platform with Milka biscuits to experiment a pioneer initiative to eliminate single-used packaging in France. Globally, in 2020, we achieved a 30% reduction of total waste in manufacturing and exceeded our target of 20% initially. We also aim to make all packaging designed to be recyclable by 2025.

We love volunteering as we take action to help communities thrive, with more than 1700 Western Europe employees committed to help local NGO’s in 2019. Moreover, our community involvement has been reinforced in COVID crisis: in Western Europe, we offered 250 tons of products and personal protection equipment from our factories and R&D center to hospitals and people in need.

We are Western Europe!