CSR Milka Czech Republic and Slovakia

A Taste of Who We Are

With more than 12,000 employees, in 20 countries, we have strong teams in all countries and highly professional plants with passionate people who create our beloved brands. We live in a complex environment with 13 currencies, 16 languages and all existing trade formats. Mondelēz International has a strong manufacturing footprint in Central Europe with a long tradition of industrial excellence.

We have a leading position in the snacking market in Europe and we are proud to have strong global brands with a long heritage in our portfolio, like Milka, Toblerone, Oreo, BelVita and recently LU. Next to our global power brands like TUC crackers or Halls gum and candies and Trident gum, we make some of the most iconic local snacking brands – including Figaro, Svoge, Poiana, Mirabell and Suchard chocolate, Prince Polo wafers, FidorkaOpavia and Pilota biscuits.

Mondelēz International has a strong manufacturing footprint in Central Europe with a long tradition of industrial excellence. We manufacture our products in 19 production sites and are an important employer in the food industry in our area.

factory workers
Jankowice choco plant

Love Our Consumers And Our Brands


As a consumer-centric company, we are truly passionate to excite consumers and fulfil their needs. Located at the heart of Central Europe, in Wroclaw, Poland, the global Research, Development, Quality & Innovation (RDQ) Center is THE PLACE where some of our next consumer favorite novelties - in taste, shape or format – are getting their flavor and beginning. Thanks to our passionate experts working here in Wroclaw, such as scientists or engineers, we have state of the art facility for new ideas and experimentation. The Wroclaw RDQ Center – together with three more R&D sites located in CE in Munich, Fallingbostel and Loerrach in Germany - closely collaborates on innovations with more than 40 sites in our manufacturing network across Europe.


Grow Every Day

Courageous challenges is what we are famous for in CE Area. No matter if you work in Sales, Marketing, CS&L, Finance or HR, at one of our manufacturing facilities, Grow Every Day is a reality. We are proud to offer significant opportunities to learn and grow, and respective support you need to be at your best, and the scope for your personal initiative to shape your own success.

Do What’s Right

As part of our global well-being strategy Mondelēz International focuses on four main areas: sustainability, safety, mindful snacking, and social responsibility. In Central Europe we are an active initiator of and participant in projects for local communities and employee volunteering programs. 

Regarding sustainability, we have embraced Mondelēz International sustainability programs Cocoa Life and Harmony. Cocoa Life is our holistic, third-party verified program that creates a movement for lasting change to make cocoa right. Harmony is our program to change the way wheat is grown and bake great biscuits.

harmony wheat


In Central Europe we are also super proud to grow our sustainability agenda - where responsible wheat sourcing is one of our core achievements. We introduced the HARMONY program four years ago in Czech Republic and expanded in Poland in 2019. As the largest biscuit producer in Europe Mondelēz has an important role in preventing climate change and raw materials shortages. By promoting sustainable farming practices and improving local biodiversity, we are setting an example for the entire industry as well as create the opportunity for consumers to make responsible choices.

Today, the Harmony program involves 1,600 farmers, 13 millers and 26 co-operatives across Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Hungary. Consumers in European countries will find the Harmony logo on packs of global brands like belVita, produced in our Czech plants in Lovosice and Opava, as well as on Barni/Lubisie produced in Płońsk plant in Poland – and can be confident knowing their delicious biscuits were Made Right with sustainably source wheat!