Mr. May has served as President and a Founding Partner of Trian Fund Management, L.P., an investment management firm, since November 2005. He also served as President and Chief Operating Officer and a director of Triarc Companies, Inc. (now known as The Wendy’s Company), a holding company for various consumer and industrial businesses, from April 1993 to June 2007 and has served as its non-Executive Vice Chairman since June 2007.

Mr. May was President and Chief Operating Officer of Triangle Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of packaging products, from 1983 to December 1988 when it was acquired by Pechiney, S.A.

Director Qualifications:

  • Mr. May has extensive investment, financial and leadership experience as President and a Founding Partner of Trian Fund Management, working with management teams and boards of directors, as well as acquiring, investing in and building companies. He has a deep understanding of the capital markets. He also has strong relationships with institutional investors and within investment banking/capital markets.
  • Mr. May has considerable experience with large, complex food service organizations such as The Wendy’s Company, with a focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Mr. May has extensive public company board and corporate governance experience. He is a director of The Wendy’s Company. He is a former director of Tiffany & Co.