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The call for well-being

We believe well-being is holistic. That the health of individuals, communities and the planet are inextricably linked. That's why we want to create a global conversation centered on the well-being of the world.

The Call For Well-being is our call-to-action for our employees, suppliers and community partners to work together to create positive impact on our world. 

Focused on four pillars – sustainability, well-being snacks, community and safety – where as a company we can make a positive impact.

By bringing together diverse voices and ideas, our Call For Well-being will strengthen our business, engage our employees, and help make communities more vibrant places to live.

We want to use our global resources to help amplify those ideas, and drive meaningful change.

Every one of us has a voice capable of creating change. Let yours be heard.

four pillars of the call

  • Safety



    Responsible growth depends on supporting our colleagues’ safety and ensuring the foods we make are safe to eat. Every day, our success depends on more than 100,000 capable, dedicated and diverse Mondelēz International colleagues around the world.

  • Sustainability



    Sustainability is about preserving our world and its people. We all depend on just one planet. Our sustainability journey has put us on a path that is making a real difference. Our focus is in those areas where we can have the greatest impact and be a catalyst for systemic environmental and social change.

  • Community



    We believe that the path to having a positive impact in the world begins by collaborating with communities. So we’re empowering voices from around the globe to amplify their ideas and bring them to life. Through our Mondelēz International Foundation and our partners, we’re creating healthier lifestyles through our innovative three-pronged approach of nutrition knowledge, active play and access to fresh foods.

  • Well-Being Snacks

    Well-Being Snacks

    Well-Being Snacks

    Consumers are increasingly interested in well-being - for themselves and for their families.  To help people on their well-being journey, we know our snacks must serve different needs.  To create snack choices that nourish the body and treat the soul.  That is why, as the world largest snack company, we intend on becoming the leader in well-being snacks, with about half of our portfolio being a Well-being Choice by 2020.

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